Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home Owner Stuff.....

And yes, being in our own home, and NOT underwater with the mortgage, is one of the things we gave thanks for this year.
Anywhoo...We repainted the bathroom earlier this year, and the paint just hasn't been holding up. We've had some peeling, and other spots have turned 'grainy' on us. I had to pull the plastic grille off the bathroom ceiling exhaust fan today to clean it, and as long as I had it off, I dropped the motor down to clean it, too.
Then I decided to check how #1 step-son vented it when he installed it a few years ago, and found out it's NOT properly vented.
He just mounted the motor box in the ceiling, and let it vent into the attic........
Double DUH!
He has a tendency to not do things the right way, and this time it's causing some problems. The moist air from the bathroom just goes into the attic, and raises the humidity to the point that the 'button board' (we have plaster walls and ceilings) has absorbed it. It's not "dripping wet", or even "wet" that I could tell or feel, but all that hot, humid air from 4 people taking showers can't be doing any good up there! I don't think it's a problem in the summer time, as we have both a wind-turbine and a powered ventilator on the roof to draw the hot air out, and the moisture along with it. But in the winter time, the powered ventilator is shut off, and the moist air from the bathroom just collects up there.
NOT good!
So, I went to the local Big Box home improvement place, and bought the 3.25"x10" to 6" round transition that screws on to the motor box, 8' of 6" flex duct, and an outlet to go on the side of the house.
Tomorrow I'll mark the stucco and start making the hole to mount the outlet into, and then I'll have to drop the motor box, screw the transition on, and run the flex hose to the outlet. That should vent the moist air to the outside, and after the attic dries back out, we can repaint the bathroom.


  1. Ah yes, FIXING the things that are screwed up, a never ending battle...

  2. Yeah....her oldest son has a reputation for doing things half-assed. Now I have to decide if I want to blast a hole in the stucco for the vent, or put a roof vent in. One way or the other, that things HAS to be vented properly!

  3. NOT being under-water and needing a periscope to see the horizon is a HUGE thing to be thankful-for!
    But Jeepers you gotta vent a bathroom fan, they run so much moisture out it's vital that it keeps going so hook it to some-damn-thing!

  4. I got the transition and 6" duct from Lowe's the other day, and installed it on the box the blower is in, and ran it over to the eave. Now I have to figure our how to mount the vent in the wall, or else get the 'approved' type of roof vent. We just had the roof replaced about 18 months ago, so I really don't want to cut in to a new roof.....probably figure out some way to vent it under the eaves.


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