Sunday, November 20, 2011

50* and Raining...I'm Playing RADIO All Day!

And working on the antenna article I've been promising.
Got a new headset/mic last week from Arlan Communications. These have to be the MOST comfortable cans I've ever worn! The gel-filled earcups are a joy, and seal any sound9 leaks around my glasses, and the optional cotton cloth covers will wick away any sweat for those times this summer when it's hot here in the shack. When I first ordered them I'd forgotten that I need a stereo set so I can make use of the binaural output of my Flex 5000A, so I had to send them back to be reworked. The set they sell that does stereo has a one-piece boom for the microphone, and I like the "wire mount" ones as I've found them to be more durable. Since they no longer make the set I wanted in stereo with the wire mount (RS22CF), they had to make up a custom set for me.
These things aren't cheap, but the cost less than the David Clark headset/mics I've been using( and having to modify), and are much more comfy to wear.
Back to radio.....


  1. Very nice :-) DCs are expensive, but they DO last!

  2. I've got two Clark headset/mic units that I use for Field Day. I had to build an adapter box to use them with my Yaesu FT-847 radio, but while I was at it, I also made it an 'intercom' type box where my assistant wearing the other headset and I can talk without it going over-the-air.
    I got *really* lucky with this pair of DC cans....a guy on eBay had them and didn't know what they were, or how much they were worth. I got TWO of them, new-in-the-box, for $75!
    They're not quite as comfortable as my new ones, but seeing as they're MilSpec, and will probably last forever, it was money well spent.
    And they look neat, too. *Everybody* knows that color and style of headset from watching The Military Channel!
    David Clark also has any part you'd ever need for them, and the prices aren't bad compared to some of the extremely overpriced and cheesy stuff sold specifically for hams, like the entire Heil Sound line of stuff.


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