Sunday, November 6, 2011

Minor PC Upgrade

Spent a little time this morning giving my PC a minor upgrade. I was running an Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @3GHz, and upgraded it to an Intel Core2 Quad @2.83GHz. The individual cores are about 6% "slower", but now I've got 4 of them.
Should make multiprocessing tasks run a bit quicker, and I got it at a price that was too good to pass up.
Back to work on the antenna article......


  1. Pardon me while I wash the vomit off my keyboard.....
    I run Linux, so a Mac aint got nothin' on me, except they cost THREE TIMES as much as a PC....

  2. Well, don't leave us hanging. :)

    Tell us how it's running overall. Faster, with those two extra cores?

  3. "Faster" is kind of relative. What I've noticed so far, is that it doesn't get 'sluggish' doing certain tasks, like downloading and installing software updates, or compiling something from source.
    It wasn't 'slow' before, but there were times when one core was at 100%, and the other was at 50%, that it started to get a bit unresponsive.
    Geez....and I remember when a 486DX4 was "Blazing Fast"!


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