Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pouring Lead Shot

Into my Lead Sled shot bags, that is.

Some things I learned, that I *should* have known.

1) #9 lead shot is tiny!
It came streaming out of the 25lb sack like sugar on steroids.
I couldn't control it, and wound up with 10 pounds in the Caldwell bag before I could stop it, and wound up with a handful scattered all over the place.

2) It doesn't pour back out of the Caldwell sack as easily as it went in.
Another handful or two all over the place.

3) If you do this, make sure you have a BIG pan underneath to catch all the shot you will spill.
I tried using the big styrofoam box our latest order from Omaha Steaks came in, and it was barely big enough.

4) Even if you use a scale to weigh the bags as you pour the shot in, the first bag will be heavier than the last (see #1).

5) Next time, buy "BB" size shot as it's much easier to handle!


  1. This is off topic, and you're probably gonna hate me for it, but Omaha Steaks here is like shipping ice cubes to Eskimos. Their steaks are not as good as I can get at the local Dillon's (owned by Kroger these days) or even at Wally World. Their hamburger patties were lean all right, so lean they cooked up like hockey pucks and tasted like they had sawdust filler. Yuck.

    But, all the further I have to travel to see junk in the meat department is OKC, where my sis lives. Sheesh - hamburger dyed hot red/pink? A pound leaves half water/grease?

    It's been a while since I ordered from Omaha Steaks, so maybe it's better.

  2. I agree about 95%. I don't think their steaks are all that much better than what I can get at a local butcher shop. Even Von's and Ralph's have some pretty good ones as long as you don't get the 'bargain' cuts.
    BUT, the wife had some coupons and "special deals" so she bought them.
    Yep, I've had better steaks, MUCH better!


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