Tuesday, July 27, 2021

TEAC A-4010SU Wrap-Up

 All clean and shiny again!

I cleaned the wood case today, and applied/rubbed in a generous amount of "Old English Dark Wood Scratch Cover", and let it soak in while I replaced the tape counter drive belt, cleaned the level controls on the record electronics, and did a few other things..

After it had soaked in for a couple of hours, I buffed it with a microfiber towel. It had  looked pretty shabby after cleaning 60 years of "stuff" off, but the wood oil really brought it back.

I pulled the top cover from the receiver as I had to replace the dial lights, and was going to give it the same treatment, BUT.....it's a particle board cabinet with a vinyl "wood grain" applique. Pretty much what Mom called "Contact Paper", and used on her shelves. I did mange to repair some areas where the wood grain applique had lifted, and gave it a good cleaning, so it looks much better than before. Since the Pioneer SX-780 was their "Loss Leader", I guess the cabinet was where they saved a few bucks.

So now I have to move the TEAC downstairs, and connect it all together. Then I can find out what's on that "Bob Hope USO Show" tape that I found in the box they gave me.


  1. That will be interesting. Nice find on the deck too!

    1. Had to rearrange one of my shelf units to get all the stereo stuff on it, but that will be finished tonight.

      And the very first tape going on the deck after a test run is the USO tape. I just have to hear what's on it.

      It's from U-Tapao, but I don't know what year for sure....


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