Friday, October 2, 2020

Smokey Night Again....

 The fires have expanded some, and I'm using the plural because one that started up Wyoming way, has burned it's way down into Colorado.

The Cameron Peak fire, the closest one, is at about 125,000 acres, and is 34% contained. It's continuing to burn on the Northern section, and has just about turned to head East down Poudre Canyon.

The Mullen fire, which started in the Medicine Bow range in Wyoming, has spread down into Colorado, and is now about 120,000 acres, with no mention of containment.

The image below shows the two burn areas. The roads in red are the closures.

And we've got absolutely ZIP for precipitation in the forecast for at least another week.


  1. We're praying for rain in WY and CO, DrJim.

    Been dry as heck here in this part of AZ this summer. Not a lot of monsoon rain as we're used to getting. Fortunately, we have had only minor fires this season.

  2. Yeah, stuff's burning up all over the place and TPTB blame Global Warming instead of their poor forest-management!

  3. Not bad here this morning which means someone else is suffering. My sinuses have been kicking my ass for days. I blame the smoke.

  4. Yeah, it's just enough to trigger my allergies and break out the Flonase!

  5. Sorry to hear that. Prayers for those in the path of it.

    1. The smoke from the Wyoming fire blocked enough of the sun that the Colorado guys got a break, and were able to mop up a lot of areas around the Cameron peak fire, so at least a little good came from it.

  6. Stay safe, God send you rain.


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