Wednesday, March 13, 2019

It's a Real Good Day to Stay Inside

Youch.....well, it's here.

DIA is pretty much closed, with 1300 flights canceled, runways they can't keep clear, and EIGHTY MPH wind gusts with sustained 65MPH winds.

All the hotels surrounding the airport are at capacity due to the canceled flights.

The Weather Channel keeps making a big deal out of reports of wind gusts hitting NINETY-SIX MPH down in Colorado Springs.

Interstate 80 is closed.

Parts of Interstate 25 are closed.

"All Roads" in the Nebraska panhandle are closed.

And I just heard on the scanner there was 25 car pile-up in the vicinity of I-25 and Rte 34, down by "The Ranch", which is what we locals call the Larimer County Fairgrounds.

1600 yesterday, Tuesday:

1215 today:

The overnight rain-to-snow transition put a load of ice on the screen for the dining room window:

So while we haven't had all that much snow, it's blowing like crazy, and there are times it's hard to see the house across the street. One of our neighbors has lost some branches from one of their big pine trees, and our next door neighbor to the South looks like she might lose a section of her back fence.

And I just noticed that the snowflakes are getting much larger. All the snow last night, and up to 1400 local time, was very fine sugar snow. Now we're starting to get much larger flakes.

The next 14~16 hours should be interesting.

Stay warm, my friends! This stuff will flat-out KILL you, so please be safe, too.


  1. Please be careful, we want you around for a good long time.
    On a side note, the neighbor across the street is sure a positive thinker, put his trash bins out...

    1. Oh, I'm staying inside, Brig!

      The people across the street are two single Moms, sisters, with a total of 4 kids. I'm sure they generate enough trash that they can't let it slide a week. I didn't bother to put ours out. The wife is gone to SoCal this week, and since our cans weren't even half-full, I blew it off because in this weather, I didn't want to open the garage door to bring the cans back in!

  2. We're getting some decent winds here, DRJIM, but the snow has stopped (thankfully). Bunker down, hang out, and have fun.

    1. Been following this closely on the NEXRAD weather radar site, and the Weather Underground channel. This is the first big storm I've tracked since we moved here, and man, it's a monster!

  3. Looking out the window and having another cup of coffee.

    1. Have to cut myself off after two big mugs, or I'd be joining you!


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