Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Snow Blower Adventures, Part I

I'd post a picture of it, but even though it shows as "Delivered", it ain't.

No, instead what the IDIOT trucking company JW Logistics, a Home Depot sub) dropped off were two 36" x  72" , 75 lb each, solid wood tabletops.

And the address on the shipping label, clearly printed, easy to read, not covered up, and in front of God and Everybody, clearly shows an address on Weld County Road 7 in Berthoud.

Berthoud is about 20 MILES South of here, as the crow flies.

I would have held the truck if I'd seen them get delivered, but it happened when I was blowing leaves in the back yard, and I had my PPE ( 27dB noise reduction!) on.

So I wrote down all the info on the label, and called the 1-800 number printed on the label.

After about 15 minutes of Phone Menu Phunnies, I finally got a live person. They took some of the information, and put me on hold, came back, asked for more info, and put me on hold again.

Lather, rinse, and repeat for 45 minutes.......

Young guy finally comes back and tells me the shipping company is closed today (at 2pm on a Wednesday?). and that the shipping company will get a hold of me, either by email or telephone, and have a nice day.

Holy Freaking DUH!

That's it, guys? You're washing your hands of this?

This is the second time I feel BURNED by Home Depot and their "Ship To Home" option. The first time was an oversight on my part (ship to store was free; ship to home, not), but since they didn't state the shipping charges, I assumed they were reasonable, and clicked "OK".

OOOPS! They clipped me about $70 in shipping........ouch. Well, they just pass the charges from their subcontractor along, tacking a bit on, I'm sure, so OK, my error.

This time HD didn't really burn me, but their choice of an incompetent delivery service did.

Don't the drivers even LOOK at the label on what they're delivering? I can understand screwing up a local delivery; there's two other streets with names very similar to ours, and it's like that all over. Court, Circle, Ave, and Street can all be different places with the same first name, like "Adams".

But geez......the wrong CITY?


I'm flabbergasted. Even back in the Stone Age paper map days that would have been quite a blunder.

I'm just glad it wasn't a drone making a "drop shipment". It probably would have taken out the front porch..........


  1. (B)Lowes is just about as incompetent.

    Last Christmastide, Mrs. Andrew bought a very nice set of power tools for me from (b)Lowes online, and specifically put in the special instructions section that this was to be a gift.

    So the rat-bastiges just plonked a shipping label on the full-color illustrated box.

    Quel Suprise! Gosh, what am I getting for 12th Night?

    The jerks.

    1. She probably couldn't find the box to check that said to put an overwrap on it!

      Some of these websites can be confusing when you order things....

  2. What is confusing about E xxxx Street Lane Court?

    1. Nothing at all, as long as you can read.

      But dropping off a package in Fort Collins that says BERTHOUD on the shipping label?


  3. Welp, NOW the question is, where did they drop the snow blower???


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