Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pleasant Fall Weekend

Well, the house passed muster when I got the wife home from the airport, and she was happily surprised at the stack of "TODO" items I knocked out while she was gone.

I've finally got my act together regarding picking people up from DIA. I park on the roof of the West terminal parking lot, about row "J" or so, and go into the terminal where I proceed to the statue of Elrey Jeppesen, which all the arrivals  have to pass as they go to the baggage claim areas. This is about as fast a way in-and-out of DIA as I've found yet. I'm sure Well Seasoned Fool knows some other shortcuts, but this one seems to work OK for me.

70* and sunny outside all day, so I set the cam covers out in the sun like I did the other day, and within 20 minutes my IR thermometer indicated they were at 135*. I left them bake for a couple of hours while I did some other yard work.

And of course, the grandson had to explore the garage for a while, pull his wagon out, and go for a ride through the neighborhood.

After that, he "helped" us pick up the bounty of sticks in the backyard (the wife wants to use them for "kindling"...), stack them in "his" wagon, and help us trundle them back around to the front of the house where they can be stored in the garage to "cure". About a year before we moved here I bought a big box of fatwood, and the stuff is amazing for getting the fireplace going. Most of the sticks we picked up are cottonwood, with a few from the ash and maple. I was advised not to burn cottonwood if I wanted to keep my neighbors friendly (it stinks when you burn it), but I suppose a few sticks won't hurt.


  1. Your DIA plan is good. While I seldom use it, I have a handicapped hanger and can usually park in close. This is for folks with checked bags or who don't know the airport.

    For picking up DIA savvy folks with just carry ons, I go over by the air freight side and wait in the General Aviation lot. I have them go to the Terminal A departures on Level 5 which is seldom crowded. There is a tricky but easily mastered way to the departures lanes to Terminal A from the General Aviation lot.

    The airport cops don't like it but nothing is illegal and you whisk in and out before they can put down their donuts.

    1. I'm not quite ready for that!

      It took me like 6 trips there to figure out this method, and it seems to work.

  2. Your grandson is a cutie who rides in style!
    I may have been in DIA 2 times so many years ago that if I remembered it; I am sure it has changed. Your plan sounds good to me.

    1. I went through Stapleton a few times back in the late 1970's, but don't remember much about it.

      It seems like DIA has been under construction since we started using it about 5 years ago.

      At least it doesn't destroy your luggage like it did when they first opened it!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, sir!

      Makes moving here and putting up with the winter worth it.

      Well.....that and being OUT of Kommiefornia!

  4. Jealous of that garage... nice!


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