Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fall Cleanup

Groan.........TWELVE big bags of leaves raked up today, and we're maybe half finished with the back yard.

It would have been much worse, but we nuked the cottonwood tree the week we moved in.

And we haven't even started on the front........


  1. Don't worry. Next wind storm will bring the neighborhood leaves from yards whose owners haven't raked.

  2. I keep telling my wife to SLOW DOWN when she's doing this stuff because she's trying to do too much too fast.

    Then she's all blown out for two days, by which time the tree on the other side of the fence will have dropped all it's leaves into our yard, and she'll get all spun up again.

    Same with the snow. The first few times the ground is warm, and it's melted by 1030~1100, but she's out there at 0800 shoveling away....

  3. Back in the day I would run the lawn mower over the yard. Worked well.

  4. We don't own a mower. We'd really like to find a reliable yard guy for the mowing and fertilizing, and we'll do this other stuff.

  5. Two words - Leaf Vac. You can rent them. Or buy one. They come in sizes from basically lawnmower size to tow behind a garden tractor or 4-wheeler.

    I know, more stuff to buy, more stuff to maintain, more stuff to store. But your lower back will thank you. The DR people have some really nice stuff, but then again, so will (b)Lowes or Home De(s)pot.

    This will really help especially if you have trees that shed at different times.

    1. I bought a $35 Ryobi corded blower. I was going to get a cordless one, but those suckers are $100 more.

      The ideal device, to me, is one that sucks them up, pulverizes them, and then spits them back out. Most of the yard services I've seen here use "mulching" lawn mowers that don't pick up the cuttings.

      DR stuff is really cool, but a bit overkill for a 1/4 acre lot!

  6. Replies
    1. The cottonwoods are the worst. They not only produce copious amounts of leaves, but they also shed sticks...all...year...long.


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