Friday, October 12, 2018


For the CSU Rams!

No, I'm not turning into a football fan, but hey, hometown stuff and all.

The only reason I mention it is I heard some racket coming from outside, and stepped to hear quite a fireworks display. It was coming from the North-Northwest, and while I could see the flashes and hear them, it was all low-level stuff.

The only thing up that way is CSU, so I wondered if maybe it was homecoming weekend for them. A quick check of the schedule shows that yep, this is Homecoming Weekend, with all the traditions that go with it in the Midwest.

Homecoming was a Big Deal when I was in high-school, but not so much at the community college I went to for two years after high-school. The Junior College football team was pretty mediocre, and with most students staying a maximum of two years, it was hard to build any kind of momentum.

I'm just glad I wasn't planning on heading up that way tonight, as I'll bet the students are having quite a celebration of it.

Good to see young people upholding traditions here in Free America.....


  1. Oh, yeah!

    Have to go out today, but it's in the opposite direction from the campus.

    They're kicking off any second now.....

  2. I liked them better when it was the cow college.

    1. yuk-yuk!

      Turns out the subdivision we live in was the second home of the CSU Dairy Farm back in the 1950's through the 1970's until they sold the land and moved it out by the reservoir.


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