Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall Cleanup, Part II

Tally from this mission:

Eighteen "35 gallon" and "50 gallon" bags of leaves and sticks from the backyard and side yard.

The little $35 Ryobi leaf blower works a treat! On high-speed it will blow the egg-sized rocks out of our border areas, and the gyroscopic action of the spinning fan blade makes it hard to turn certain directions. Low-speed works great for sweeping the leaves out of where you don't want them, while keeping the dust down to a manageable level.

We're holding off on the front yard because the maple tree still has over half it's leaves.


  1. Piker....I measure my leaves..(after they have been chopped in an 8 HP leaf vacuum) by the cubic yard.

    But we all hate the leaf cleanup in the fall, no matter how big or small our yards

  2. Hah....beats us by a mile. We only have about .25 acres, so if we chipped/chopped them, we'd probably have six bags?

  3. We had 28 bags last year, just raked & bagged. This year we've been using the new lawn mower to mulch & bag the leaves, so only have 8. That's a HUGE improvement!

    1. I'm looking into leaf vacuums/mulchers, but they're BIG, expensive, and we'd need a storage shed.

  4. Thanks, I'll stay in my apartment and watch the manager, Stacy, do all the work.


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