Thursday, August 23, 2018

OWWWW....My Achin' Head!

Got the granddaughter and her BF to DEN in really good time Tuesday night. Their flight was at 2200, which means TPTB want you there at 2000. Since it's typically about a 75 minute drive, we'd have to leave by 1845, but since rain was expected, and this would still be "Rush Hour" in Lost Angeleez, I decided we should leave NLT 1830.

Typical of this planning, we hit ZERO traffic, a few sprinkles, and dropped them off at 1940, a good 20 minutes earlier than I expected.

Sigh.....that would NEVER happen if I was taking them to LAX or ORD, where you can easily spend 30 minutes just finding a clear spot to drop your passengers off.

Same thing coming home, ZERO traffic and no rain. So we stopped for Dinner at Johnson's Corner along I-25, another place that's been here "forever", kinda like Vern's Place in Laporte.

I know, it's "just a truck stop", but having driven past it so many times, I wanted to stop. Decent food, large portions, and inexpensive compared to a lot of Road Food.

I had the meatloaf, and a large iced tea, while my wife just had Hot Cocoa and one of their "World Famous Cinnamon Rolls".

That sucker was 2/3rds the size of the dinner plate they brought it out on!

And it was "right out of the oven", and really, really, really GOOD.

Total tab was $13.12, quite reasonable for the amount and quality of the food.

Went to the Dermatologist today so I could hook up with them, and have them look at the "Actinic Keratosis" spots on my old, bald head. I've had them frozen off numerous times in the past, and did a "PhotoDynamic" treatment, but they just keep coming back. Must be global warming or fracking, or the HAARP project.

Anyway....the (very!) nice young lady Physician's Assistant checked it out, and froze a bunch of them again.

And she really clobbered a couple of spots, as it cooled off my head so much that it gave me a splitting headache, like having a 100 lb block of dry ice on my head.

So that's done for another year, and now I just wait for the spots to peel off.

And now I can get back to working on the car, setting up the basement workshop, sorting through stuff (I *still* haven't found my temperature-controlled soldering station, or my AEA PK900!), yard work, and a myriad of other things......


  1. Jonhson's Corner. A favorite breakfast place. Changed hands a few years ago and went from grill fried chicken fried steak to deep fried. Not as good but other good things on the menu.

    1. I was torn between the meatloaf and the chicken fried steak, but went with my "safe bet".

      Are the biscuits and gravy any good?

  2. Find the same to be true for traffic when going to PDX from here (Vancouver) on 205. Traffic is never really a problem unless you are trying to I5 through Portlandia.
    I still have boxes that need to be sorted. Will get to it eventually.

    1. It's been 35 years since the nearest big airport was more than 10~15 miles from me.

      Combined with the highly-variable weather here, it makes for a drive that can be anywhere from 75 minutes to two hours.

    2. Brig, lately I have found that since they are working on the overpasses up by Stark and Halsey off of 205 that even trying to get across the 205 bridge can get iffy.
      I spent 45 minutes trying to get back on it Northbound a week ago from 122nd and Airport way, about a mile or so.

  3. Let me tell ya, you will be looking for stuff for years after a move like that.
    All that stuff you had and got rid of is going to be stuck in your internal inventory system forever.
    Ask me how I know this, go ahead.

    1. Yeah, and about half of what I dumped now needs to be replaced. I threw away all kinds of aluminum stock, misc parts, and all the IKEA "furniture" I had in the Radio Room.

      And now it's gonna cost about $1000 to replace the IKEA stuff....

  4. Yep, those places are a good find! And not many of them anymore... sigh... Good luck with the dermatologist. And get those yearly checks!


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