Thursday, August 16, 2018


Fredd mentioned something about headlights the other day, so I dug out the ones I'll be replacing the sealed beams with.

These are "NEO-940" units, sometimes called "940CEH4", made by a place in India called "Neolite Products", and they produce clones (or knock-offs, if you will) of various High Performance automotive lighting items made by other companies.

Before you scream too loudly about "Counterfeit Products!!", from looking at their product line they seem to specialize in "classic" designs that are no longer produced by the original manufacturer.

They seem nicely made.

They take a standard "H-4" 50W/65W halogen bulb.

And they're functionally equivalent to the Cibie model they copied.

I'll probably go with a different bulb, since these things came with "no-name" bulbs, and the box isn't marked with country of origin. Daniel Stern Lighting has replacement bulbs that are rated "+50", "+110", etc, similar to "+P" loads in a hand gun.

The reviews on these low cost replacement are quite good. The pattern is excellent on low beam, and they really light up the road on high.

Hopefully I'll get to try them this summer!


  1. I've been looking at replacing the sealed beam units on my old truck. Any suggestions?

    For all the vehicles I dealt with that had plastic covers of any kind, I masked them off, rubbed them with steel wool and toothpaste.
    After washing them off, lightly sprayed them with two to three coats of clear plastic. The treatment is good for most of a winter.

    Made a big Wow! factor on the used car lot.

    1. You can get Halogen replacements for "regular" sealed beams. They're noticeably brighter, and have a better pattern, than a standard sealed beam.

      If you want replaceable bulbs, like the H4 ones, you'll have to go aftermarket, and they start getting pretty pricey.

      Do you just want "better" lights, or do you want some real flamethrower high beams?

    2. Just something brighter. Don't want to get involved with wiring and ballasts.

  2. Good idea to replace the bulbs. Just watch the +110s, they will overheat the bucket.

    1. The Daniel Stern Lighting site has a listing of all the "best" bulbs by wattage. Not all "+110" bulbs draw more current (more heat), and he lists which ones will, and probably will, damage the plastic housings.

      Seems to be about 85~90W is the damage threshold.


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