Saturday, April 14, 2018

Waiting For The Electrician......

Or someone like him......

Just spent an hour going over the plans for Garage Electrification, along with adding some more circuits to the impending Radio Room.

The garage will get:

A new sub-panel fed from the main panel

Four, 20 Amp quad outlet boxes, each on it's own breaker

A duplex box for the garage door openers (they're plugged into one of the four available outlets now) on it's own breaker

A ceiling-mounted quad box for the over-the-workbench lights

And a 240 Volt/30 Amp circuit/outlet for an air compressor and/or MIG/TIG welder.

The Radio Room will get two additional 20 Amp duplex boxes on three of the four walls, and another 240 Volt/30 Amp circuit with outlet for use with my Collins 30L-1 linear amplifier. The 30L-1 is wired for 120 Volts now, but it's trivial to change a couple of  jumpers inside and swap out the power cord for one with an appropriate plug.

And I've been looking for either  a Heathkit SB-220, or a Drake L4-B so I can go to Ludicrous Speed if I need to.

The additional circuits for the Radio Room were added at the last minute. He was here, so I showed him the path from the garage, through the water heater area, and to Radio, and he agreed it would be pretty easy, and loss costly, to add those circuits while he was here doing the other work for the garage.

His rough SWAG was about $2k for all the work, but he won't get me a finished bid until later this weekend.....


  1. Are you certain the neighborhood power grid is up to the task?

    1. I'll only punch on the Afterburner late at night......

  2. Nice Firesign Theater reference there, Porgie.............

    1. Got my two-tones to the floorboard, Mudhead!

  3. Just in case, did you check with your electrician on what the amperage requirement is for a welding machine like the Lincoln 225?
    Unless the cost is prohibitive, it might be better to go a bit overboard.
    It is rare, but every once in a while I need to weld something very thick.
    The fifty amp subpanel in our garage feeds a 5 horsepower two stage aircompressor, (it was a close-out, and yes it pumps more air than I need, but it was an Ingersoll, and I mentioned it was on sale!) and the panel also supplies 50 amps for the Lincoln AC only welder and a MIG weldor.
    The MIG welder trips a 15 amp breaker, and it runs fine on a 20 amp.

    1. He suggested 30 Amps based on an his experience. I haven't checked out the current draw on a small to medium welder. The sub panel will be a 100 Amp panel. He'll move a couple of circuits from the original main panel to the sub so he can install a 100 Amp breaker in the empty spot to feed the sub-panel.

      I'll check out the current draw on welders, and then discuss it with him.

  4. You'll be rocking the power after it's all done! :-)


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