Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Two Down, One To Go

Went to the Larimer County Courthose today and got the Colorado plates for the Jeep. I wound up with standard green-and-white Colorado plates because they don't accept applications for personalized plates. I'll have to mail the forms to Denver, and then the Courthouse will call me when my Amateur Radio plates arrive. I'll go back up there, pay the $2 ( !! ), turn in my old plates, and get my new ones.

They do accept the application for Collector Vehicle plates, so after I get the Supra smogged and verified at least I'll walk out with the collector plates for the car.

Total cost was $140. $90 for license, title, and tax, and $50 in "Late Fees". I told them we bought a house November 1st, and they held me to it. Didn't matter I got my CDL on April 8th, I was on the title for the house, and that's pretty strong evidence of residency.

Oh, well, it was my fault. I dragged my feet and had to pay the price.

The staff was extremely helpful and friendly, but it took a bit longer than I expected because I brought my next proof-of-insurance card, and not the current one. I called my agent (two blocks away!), and they emailed the proof to the Larimer Courthouse.

And the nice young lady who handled it all was new (first week on job), so her supervisor helped her with some things she didn't know yet, and things went smoothly.

I'll take the Supra for smog next week. I want to spend some time going over a few specific items, and then drive her a bit so she gets limbered up again.

And tomorrow is supposed to be almost a carbon-copy of today. Windy and sunny and 74 degrees, so I'm going to back her out on the driveway and give her a good bath.


  1. I'm glad seeing your plans come together. None of it happens at once. It's incremental.

    1. Slowly I turned, step by step....

      I know it is, and you know it is, but the wife is still mad I took so long and had to pay an extra $50.

      But, she just got back from Macy's, and you know what that means.....

  2. I think your Supra qualifies as a "classic" style car and the emissions test shouldn't be as stringent as they are for newer ones. Either way, a couple bottles of HEET in your gas tank will help with the emissions testing. It did my old Probe, and it literally smoked at idle.

    1. Emission testing here is based on year, and whether the car has an OBD-II connector. They ran the Jeep through the wringer this first time; full-on chassis dyno, tailpipe sniffer, and OBD-II connected to The Mother Ship. It passed easily. I'm pretty sure the next time I take it in they'll just plug in to the OBD-II jack, query the vehicle, and give me a pass-fail.

      The limits for the 1985 Supra are quite a bit more lenient than for the Jeep.

      Hopefully, the better gasoline here, along with the higher altitude, will allow the Supra to pass with some margin.


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