Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Written Offer Submitted

Just finished going over the official offer to buy, making sure the i's were crossed, and the t's were dotted.

The sellers have until 1700 tomorrow (Thursday) to accept, reject, or counter.

I'm expecting they'll counter, as we offered about $20k less than the listing price.

The interesting thing is that the owners are real estate agents and lived here in Fort Collins for many years. They should have (and probably did) know that the city would never allow them to turn a house in a residentially-zoned, "single family house" area into a mini-apartment building.

The price we offered is what they paid for the house when they bought it back in March, which is why they'll probably counter-offer.

As our DIL's Dad says, "Don't pay for THEIR mistake." He thinks we made them a very fair offer, and he knows the market here very well.

But, it's been on the market for over 60 days, and we're they only offer they've had. I really doubt they'll want to sit on it until Spring because they'll have the mortgage, utilities, taxes, and other things to keep paying for.

Just have to wait and see what their response is......

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  1. Good luck. Rub the Wonder Dog's head. That will multiply your good luck.


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