Thursday, October 5, 2017

Counteroffer Accepted, And The Clock Is Running!

Now we're sceduling the appraisal and inspection, and looking into high-speed Internet providers.

Should be in the house the 1st or 2nd week of November.


  1. It looks as if the deal is done!

  2. Replies
    1. It should go smoothly.

      We're putting down 60%, have more than enough liquidity to buy the place outright, our credit score is well North of 800, we're pre-approved, and just transferred the earnest money today.

      Our agent, and their agent, told them we were most likely their last, and best, chance to unload this property before Spring, and they responded to our offer with a reasonable, logical counteroffer.

      I think at this point it's just a matter of waiting it out.

      The official home inspection is scheduled for next Wednesday, and I'll be tagging along with the inspector, just as the buyer of our little house in Long Beach did.

  3. Dude - you're setting records in the Olympic Thousand Mile Relocation event!

    Very cool. Looks like a great place. How big is the lot? Acre?

    Is WWVB so strong you can set everything in the house to "atomic time" - even the clocks that don't have receivers?

    1. Thanks, SiG!

      Lot is "only" a quarter acre, but it's big enough to legally put up a 40' tower.

      Now I have to decide what antenna to buy. I'd like a KT-34, but Mosley sells a really nice one that includes the WARC bands. We have one down at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum for K6AA and it works very well.

    2. Have you considered a Log Periodic. Yeah, I know they don't typically have the gain the dedicated Yagis can achieve, but for broad band, hit the band switch and go, it's pretty convenient.

      My lot is about the same size as yours, but due to the layout, I use a 25' tower and small LPDA (12' boom). A Tennadyne T6.

    3. I've looked into an LPDA, but Tennadyne doesn't make the T6 any longer, and the "replacement" antenna has a longest element of fifty-three feet!

      That's just a bit too big for our lot!

      Oh, well....since the tower won't be going up until Spring, I have plenty of time to decide what I want.

  4. I am excited for you & this new adventure. I hope it will be everything good that you expect.

    1. Thanks, Rev!

      I'm sure we'll hit a few bumps, like is there even a gas line running to the place, but we'll get through them.

      Stress levels here are running at only 95%, so we're doing OK!

  5. LOL @ SiG's WWVB comment.
    I looked at the KT-34 and noted no WARC. Have you looked at the SteppIR that includes 30 and 40 in addition to 20-6? A station near me has one and it works great with his legal limit amp. He MCs the 40 m early morning net I listen to.
    Get that tower installation crew scheduled for third week of November. :)

    1. I'm fully aware that the KT-34 is a THREE band, FOUR element beam, which means no WARC.

      That's why I was thinking of the Mosley.

      Not going to do the tower until Spring. We're going to have way too much other stuff to do, like getting one entire run of fence replaced, taking care of the dying cottonwood tree, buying new furniture to replace all the stuff the wife THREW AWAY before we moved, and a zillion other things.

      The tower/beam project will also be MUCH easier with that big, honking tree cut way back!

      I'll just use my Shakespeare AT-2011 military vertical and SGC tuner for now.

      SteppIR antennas are cool, but I've read far too many reliability complaints about them to spend that kind of $$ and then have it take a major, expen$ive DUMP on me three or 4 years down the road.

      Might even look into an OptiBeam or two....

    2. Yes, they have issues. Put moving parts 40 ft up and you have issues. As you note, they are also expensive. I use a vertical and have reasonable results when conditions are good. 10 and 12 were open this afternoon. Especially with ft8. The magic of mathematics. WSJT-X

    3. I have my BuddiPole with me, and it turns out my FT-847 was in one of the boxes I brought with me.

      I have my entire satellite station here!

      I'd fire up the '847 on the BuddiPole, but I packed my antenna analyzers separately, and the '847 doesn't have a tuner, so the only way I'd have to adjust the BuddiPole would "by ear", adjusting for highest receive noise.

      Damn....I should have made sure the tub with my K2 was set aside from the rest of the stuff in the garage.

      I didn't, and the super-efficient packing guys we hired had it in one of the U-Haul pods before I could stop them.....

  6. I've got an 847 and the YT-847 autotuner, which I got as end of life clearance for $90...(one reason to like older radios, the accessories and the radios cost less.) I'm always surprised to hear another 847 owner, there is a lot more chatter about the 857. I got my 847 at a yard sale :-) and I've picked up a spare one, in box, at an estate sale. I'm thinking I'll eventually get one set up for digital all the time.

    Haven't tried any satellite, even though the radio was designed for it.

    I mostly listen, and my antenna is down at the moment. Took it down for Harvey and I want a taller mast before I put it back up... but there is always another project to do first.

    I'm a bit envious of you for getting to start over from scratch, and to have a tower.

    I'm glad to hear your move is working out for you too.

    I look forward to hearing more as you get your station set up,



  7. I bought my 847 specifically for satellites. It's never been used on HF, and only been on 6M a few times.

    No need to be "envious", as now she's pushing back on the tower and antenna.

    Why do I want it, do I really need it, I need to "put my fair share of money into the new house", and so on, and so on, and so on.....

    Oh, least we're out of Kalifornia....

  8. "Oh, least we're out of Kalifornia...."

    Lived there 13 years, LA for Rodney King riots, then San Diego for a decade. Miss the weather. Don't miss the weird, or the pc bs.

    Texas has been very good for us, despite any hurricanes.

    I can't imagine going back.


  9. I was living in Redondo Beach during those riots. The cops had the city locked-down, and all the major intersections were blocked.

    I miss the weather, but grew up in Northern Illinois so I know how to dress for t.

    I miss In 'N Out burgers, although Freddy's Steak and Shake is 99% as good, and that's good enough for now.

    And I miss my buddies on the Iowa in San Pedro. Great bunch of guys!

  10. Step by Step. You are getting it all knocked out

    1. Yeah, it's been a grind, but it's getting done. We sign the final loan documents Tuesday, and the Home Inspection is Wednesday. Based on what the inspection finds, we'll have a lot more info about the house, and if anything major "bad" is found, the seller will either have to fix it, or we can negotiate the price down some more.


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