Monday, October 23, 2017

Best "EMP" Website I've Seen

From one of my Ham friends on the Iowa....

In particular, there's a very good section on common EMP myths vs the actual facts.

Futurescience EMP Website

Things are grinding along towards the close of escrow. Our end of it is 100% completed, and the appraisal, which was scheduled for October 25th, actually happened on the 21st.

The lender is waiting for the written report to be submitted and approved, but I don't know how soon after that the process will be completed.

And we've been furniture shopping at the various places around here. The sofa and love seat we brought with us will go down in the family room, which means we'll need new stuff for the living room, along with a dining room table and chairs, and a set of stuff for the grandkid's room.

We stooped in to an "Amish Furniture Showroom", and were amazed at the quality of the furniture.

Beautiful wood and finishes, and top shelf craftsmanship.

And prices to match!

A very nice dining room table, with two leaves and six chairs was.....wait for it...Eleven thousand dollars.

That's damn near our whole budget for the entire house.

Sure was pretty, though, and looks like it would last 100 years.....


  1. Shopping: Don't know if you are interested, but this online auction outfit for Ft Collins looks like the ones we have here.

  2. If it's not global warming, the bird flu or something else, there's always some kind of boogie man out there just waiting to doom us all. EMP falls into that category.

    I've got a generator. Bring it.

    1. That's why the "EMP Myths" section was so good. It strips away a lot of the "ZOMG!!!" BS.

  3. I would like to add my thanks for passing along the EMP site. Good stuff. I plan to share it.

  4. Replies
    1. Even their annual "I Hate My Dining Room Set" sale, with 40% off, was still out of our price range!


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