Friday, October 13, 2017

It 'Aint Dead Yet.....

Now that the wife's core has cooled from her melt-down over the Home Inspection report, we're proceeding.

Our contractor in-law told her 99% of the same thing that I told her over the results of the inspection report, and she calmed down.

Our realtor has three quotes for a complete re-roof (~$9k to $10k), and she should get the estimate on the tree removal today.

We have until 2359 today to proceed or walk away, and we'll have all the estimates from both our realtors contractors, and our in-laws subcontractors in a couple of hours from now, 1145.

Th sellers have until 2359 on Tuesday to respond with a "yea" or "nay" to our demands, or offer some form of compromise, usually a price reduction.

So the ball is still in play, and this is probably the last "time-out" of the process.


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    1. I'm running out of appendages to cross....

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    1. Our realtor is giving them the final punch list of what we insist on later today. They have until 2359 Tuesday to respond with yes/no, or a counter offer.

      The other two "finalist" houses are still on the market, and we can easily walk away from this one.

      And the seller knows it......

  3. Interesting how a spouse's take on a situation must be validated by a second opinion from outside the marriage. Saw it time and again in the car biz.

    1. Yep, and it's as annoying as all get out.

      Went through the same thing regarding how much a "nice" house would cost here over the last 5 years or so.

      She didn't believe me until she talked to a local realtor, and then our price cap jumped from $350k to $400k.

      She kept questioning me why I had the upper price set for $450K until I showed her that the houses listed for $450k weren't actually selling for that price.

      The agent didn't belive me at first until he started punching numbers into his laptop, and then stopped cold, looked at me, and told me I was correct.

      And the same thing happens in big companies. They don't believe what their employees are telling them, so they hire a very expensive outside consultant who comes in, studies things, and then tells the company 99% of what their employees were saying.....

  4. The Bible says that a prophet is without honor in his own country/house.

    Nothing has changed since then.

  5. This bumpy part won't last, and it will be behind you before long. Keep the faith.

    1. We sent them the "Inspection Objections", and now the ball is back in their court.

  6. My ex and I had a fairly nasty verbal brawl while we were at our closing of our first buy.... in front of at 3 people.... very embarrassing

    We were both young and stupid.

    I'm twice as old now and I'd like to think much wiser.

    She's still stupid.

    Just keep your eye on the prize and how that new radio shack (basement or whatever) will look once you get it set up.


    1. We've never done that in public, but we had some "stern" conversations before.

      The ball is in the seller's court. Their deadline to respond is 2359 on Tuesday, and we'll decide then (or before) if we'll accept what we insist is done, or we walk away.

  7. "There's many a slip, twixt the cup and the lip!"

    Nothing worth having is ever simple, seems like. I sure hope it works out. You have really put a lot into it, body and soul.

    1. I'm hoping the seller will at least reply sometime Monday, rather than running out the clock Tuesday.

      We're willing to compromise *a bit*, but either we get the tree removed AND a new roof, or we walk.

      According to our contractor in-law, and his "tree guy" and "roofing guy", the tree has to come our before any reputable roofer will do the new roof.

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  9. Drjim,

    I was on the seller's side of a terrible inspectors report. We lowered our price appropriate to some of the issues which were real. But the jerk of an inspector declared the roof destroyed by hail. The adjuster for our insurance company estimated $432 worth of problems with the roof, our roofer estimated $600 worth of problems and the buyer's roofer about the same. The jerk of an inspector also made some other over the top calls including declaring that there was no ground to the cold water line (which is plastic and per NEC not to be grounded to). He was hired by the first buyers who bailed because of his report. The point is that inspectors can be fatuous blowhards in their reports and scare the heck out of buyers. Here in Texas, I believe they are trained to work against the seller on purpose but that is only my opinion.

    Your case seems more straight forward and proper issues. Good luck with getting them to respond in a favorable way. Seems as though they made a bad investment because of poor knowledge of what they were doing and are also a little shady.

    1. He got the "Big 3" items (tree, roof, fence), but noted some things that were OK and I thought were a hill of beans, and caught some things I didn't check for, like the condition of the drains/traps under all the sinks.

      We went through the same thing as the seller when we sold the little house in Long Beach. That inspector faulted some items that were grandfathered in, but he did catch a couple of items we were unaware of.


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