Friday, October 20, 2017

Realxing But Busy Days, and Possible Early Close of Escrow

Just got back from our "new" house. We met our realtor there so she could open the place up, and my wife could run around making measurements of window openings for curtains, and lists of things like shower curtains, shower curtain rods, measurements of the room sizes to see if our furniture will fit (she has ZERO sense of spatial relationships, probably why she can't read a map), and I made some measurements of the downstairs rooms to see where the radio gear and cables will go, and where our carpenter friend will build the desk and workbench.

Stunningly beautiful day again, with CAVU skies and temps in the mid 70's. And it's supposed to be like this for at least the next week

This is looking across the road we're on:

I'm told the woman that owns this house on the top of the ridge trains "sniffer dogs". She also rents the ridge to a commercial radio place who has a tower with several microwave dishes and a large UHF "Bow Tie Array" on top of the tower.

Must be a nice view from up there:

Here's another view of the road leading into Bellvue, and then on to "Vern's Place", and Laporte:

This is looking back the other way. The corn in the field was still green when we first got here, then we had the snow and it turned yellow within a few days. They left if sit for another week or so to dry out, and then ran a combine through it, ground it all to silage, and hauled it away. It had pretty much been ruined for feed corn by the big hailstorm that came through here in September:

This is looking down the driveway. The stand of trees is home to several bears, and when the combine came through they all took off across the road, and up into the hills.

I'm told they WILL be back! I have my Remington 870 loaded with slugs, and my 1911 loaded with JHP. I carry the 1911 when I walk the dog late at night, and the 870 is within easy reach. I'm sure not looking for trouble when I walk Pebbles, but I want at least a (slim) fighting chance if something big, mean, and hungry comes at us. There's also mountain lions up here, but my relatives tell me that with the abundance of deer around here, the big critters generally stay well away from humans.

And finally, a view of the shop/bachelor apartment building we're staying in:

It's a bit on the Spartan end of things, but 'back in the day' this would have been a dream place for me. 10HP air compressor, MIG, TIG, Stick, and Gas welders, a plasma cutter coming soon, and it's well insulated and heated.


And no HOA or CC&R idiocy, so I could have a 75' tower, and an electronics shop in the bachelor flat side of it.

Our realtor was telling us the the absentee owners of the place we're buying will be here next weekend for a few days to do some things, and she's contacting the lender and the escrow company to see if we can move the closing up a week. Our end of things is 100% finished, and both us and the seller are just waiting on the lender and the appraiser. The appraisal is scheduled for the 25th, and she's trying to get him to move it up a few days. We offered a modest "bonus" if they could accommodate an accelerated schedule, and she said she'd look into it.

So, we might just get the keys to the place earlier than November 6th, which is when everything is set to close.

I'll really miss living up here, but the kids are still here, so I'm sure we'll be coming back many more times.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics - it's a bit more wide-open than I'm used to, but there's a lot to be said for long views. Very nice indeed!

    1. Yeah, this area is definitely rural.

      I LOVE it!

  2. You will enjoy exercising the Supra on Hwy 14 in the Poudre canyon.

    When are you picking it up?

    1. Most likely going to have it shipped in the next week. I'd love to drive it here from Kalifornia, but there's a couple of maintenance items I'm not comfortable with (a certain coolant hose, timing belt, etc) for an 1100 mile trip through some pretty empty areas.

  3. Pebbles-the-wonder-dog should be able to take down anything short of a Griz. But backing up the wonder dog with a handgun isn't a bad plan. I suggest you move to a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan (.454 Casull). It's a revolver and it will kill the bear where the .45 ACP is more likely to piss it off. There is a reason WHY they carry that handgun in Alaska.

    And it's an excuse to buy another handgun.

    1. Might look into that. I always wanted a Mateba AutoRevolver in .454 Casull!

      The only other handgun I'd take out with me would be my wife's S&W TRR-8 in 357 Magnum.

      That one's on her side of the bed, loaded up with Golden Sabres....

    2. I also have a S&W 460 V, which is a monster, but it might be overkill for your uses. It will chamber the .454 Casull (and the .45 Colt), and is like a Casull on steroids.

      Look into Might be their .45 ACP would be more along the lines of what you need?

  4. That tower radio business is probably a national group owner. My sister was part owner of a setup like that, in the Napa/Sonoma mountains. Prior owner was a ham, with a 70ft tower next to a house. Top of a mountain that he blasted level to build on.
    They built the business up over 20 years, but when they needed to add a 20 ft extension for additional antennas, everyone within sight of the mountain raised hell, which I found hilarious. 20 feet added to a tower that predated everyone in the area, sitting on the peak of a 3k foot mountain.
    (Hmm, turns out that that was about the time people started setting up vineyards on the mountain and surrounding hills. Seems even Robin Williams owned one of them. Looks like some of them have burned in the last couple days.)

    So, they sold the business and property to a national radio business. I was told a few of the biggies were going around the country buying up all the mom and pop repeater businesses to consolidate things. The potential problem for my sister was the big guys had the money to buy a competing location and underbid for business, as they could afford to lose money. Then again, they would have the money to fight the local idiots. A decent offer was made, and the partners accepted.
    Sister and hubby moved out of state a few years later to their retirement house. But, he's now on his second startup as a founder since his retirement. Back to the Bay Area, twice.

  5. Looks like things are moving along.
    What a great place to be in the mean time. Enjoy!

    Sure would consider Larry's recommendation. We don't have any bears, just coyotes and the occasional lion. There are friends being robbed of their livelihood by wolves, but they are farther up the hills, so far.

    1. Yeah, I really enjoy it here. It's so quiet that you can hear yourself think.

      And the dog loves it, too. More smells and sounds than she's ever heard in the city.

  6. Good news! And a nice view too!


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