Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Question for the Mainstream Media.....

This is all I have to say about the Orlando massacre......

And some advice from the Brevard County Sheriff:


  1. Do you expect an answer in the near future?

  2. Of course not, it doesn't fit their agenda.

  3. Mostly because common sense is no longer a factor in their agenda.

    1. I wonder if it ever was.

      Even Walter Cronkite, who we all looked to for our "news", was a liberal....

  4. He is a Preferred Species, standing on the top rung of that ladder, so there is simply no way he can be blamed in ANY way for any crime.

  5. If the good Sheriff Ivey had any decency whatsoever, he would pull his deputies out of the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange on Hazeltine Drive in Orlando. Jeh Johnson has made it clear what DHS stands for. And it sure ain't anything that ANY sheriff in this country ought to support. But is Sheriff Ivey even REMOTELY likely to do so? Yeah, right!


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