Sunday, June 26, 2016

Field Day AAR

Well, it turns out I didn't set up my satellite station at the Field Day site after all.

My son's knee was really bothering him, so I told him to stay home, and I went down Friday afternoon to help the others get set up.

Hung around for a while, and since they had everything going well, I said hello to some of the guys I only see once a year, and then came back home.

Worked on the Supra for a while, took a 'mini-nap', and then jumped in the shower.

Saturday evening was the "Crew Appreciation Dinner" down on the Iowa, so I went down there, had a bite to eat and hung around a while talking to my friends, and watched the awards ceremony.

Hot and muggy here today so I'll get to work on the Supra a bit later after it cools a bit and the breeze kicks up....


  1. I just couldn't get inspired this year either. Tried on 40 for a bit last night and it was a zoo. Made a couple of contacts today after visiting one of the local clubs at their site. Beautiful location on the water in Stuart, Fl.

  2. Yeah, I just didn't feel like it this year.

    And considering I'm a complete klutz at setting up our tent when my son isn't there to help, I just kind of let it slide this year.

    I was tempted to set things up in the back yard this year and run 1D or 1E just to make some satellite contacts, but I blew that off, too.

    I also could have run my Elecraft K2 with my solar panels and 100 AHr deep-cycle battery and gotten the "100% Solar Powered" bonus for all my contacts, but I'm not a real contester, so my "Q's per hour" wouldn't have been very high.

    Not sure about next year. We might be packing for our Colorado move depending on how fast we can sell this place and find one there, or we might still be here....

  3. Beats just staying home. I used to go do a lot on weekends with my cronies at the gun club, but don't much anymore. They are younger than me, and into niche things like cowboy action shooting. I was just a target shooter and you can't get a station out there on weekends anymore, too many members. At least you got to hang out with your pals a bit.

    1. I see several of the members weekly, as they also volunteer on the Iowa. Others I see monthly at the URAC meeting, but there's a couple of them I only see once or twice a year, when they come out to operate some of the bigger events the URAC club does.

  4. Sounds like a nice quiet weekend! :-)

    1. Yeah, had a great time, as I always do, on the Iowa Saturday night.

      I'm close to 1000 hours of volunteer service, when I'll get a beautiful embroidered jacket.

      Some of the guys and gals I worked with hit 3,000 hours, two hit 5,000 hours, and one guy had 6,000 hours!

      Pretty good for the ship only being there 4 years!


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