Friday, June 24, 2016

Field Day


I emptied out the Jeep last night and loaded all my stuff into it.

As soon as my son shows up we'll load the tower, antennas and cross-boom, and the generator, and head down to the site.

I'm NOT going to push hard this year. I'll have the "100 point" satellite contact on Saturday as soon as an analog/linear transponder bird goes over, and then just goof off and hand out contacts to other stations.

We have three new analog satellites in orbit this year, but I didn't manually add them to my tracking program, and since I also didn't set up and do a dry run this year, I'm not sure if they were automagically added when I updated the Keplerian Elements for the program.

I usually have lots of "dead time" between passes, so I can always add them manually if I have to.

And I see our friends in the UK have decided to withdraw from the EU.

Good for them! One of the guys I volunteer with on the battleship is from France, and they don't like how Brussels runs things, either. As I was watching the news about 0100 this morning, I saw items rolling by in the banner that several other countries are stirring with demands for a referendum. Maybe the EU will crumble, and maybe it won't, but all the "Doom and Gllomers" were spouting the standard party line, and wagging their tongues about how the breakup of the EU would be a bad thing.

Yeah, right.....

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