Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nice Cool Down

Down into the low 80's today with a nice breeze.

SO....rather than go pummel away on Field Day stuff, I'm going to work on the car.

I really think I'm going to blow off operating the satellite station this year. I just don't feel like lugging everything down there, and then lugging it all back home, and spending a day putting things back in storage.

The "Supras in Vegas" meet is coming up in mid September, and there are some things I simply have to get done on the car before I feel comfortable driving it to Las Vegas and back.

I've been doing Field Day with the club since 1996, and except for the times when I was at-sea to support a lunch, I never missed one.

Plus my son injured his knee a couple of weeks ago at work, and he won't be able to do as much stuff to help me this year as he always does.

We'll still go down to the Field Day site and support the other guys, but I'm going to sit this one out......


  1. Sometimes being there but "sitting it out" is the better part of a field day.

  2. I have a feeling that your "field days" and my "Field Days" are just a bit different....

  3. LOL, yeah your field days ARE a bit different...LOL Enjoy being the old fart and just offering 'commentary'...

  4. Sometimes it's better when you occasionally sit one out!


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