Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

To all the other Dads out there.

Enjoy the day.

I've got most of my Field Day stuff rounded up, and ran the generator for about 30 minutes this morning.

Put a heavy load on it, got it all warmed up, and changed the oil.

Just kicking back for the rest of the day. It's 96* and climbing here. Supposed to hit 105* on Monday.

Too hot (for me, anyway) to do much outside.


  1. But it's a dry heat. :)
    I beat SiG to it.
    Terry, Fla with new log on id.

    1. Ehhh....kinda-sorta.

      We live close enough to the ocean that the humidity runs around 30% on days like today.

      Not as muggy as FL, but not as dry as AZ, either!

  2. Good ones, and good luck with the field day!

  3. I need to run my generator. Glad you reminded me of it.

    Hey, I think I may have lost one of your comments. I am not sure, but when I published a batch of them I thought you had one there and I didn't see it on the blog. Maybe it was about an older post and I just missed it?


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