Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Independence Day: Resurgence"

Took the wife out to dinner and a movie tonight.

We hit Panera Bread for dinner, and then went to see the new "Independence Day" movie.

They got most of the original cast back, except for Wil Smith, who wanted a cool $25 million, so they wrote him out of the script.

It's a fun summer action movie, a bit corny in places, but fun enough if you don't mind the price.

I got the Senior ticket for $9, but it cost $12 for my wife. Dinner was $26, and two boxes of Junior Mints and an ICEE for her brought the evening's total to a bit over $60.

Makes me feel like a Real Old Fart when I say I remember taking a girl to dinner and a movie for $11!


  1. I hear you, Jim. I still recall going to the Navy movie theater (on base) for a quarter. Of course, that was 45 years ago.

  2. Yeah, things are insanely expensive compared to when I grew up.

    Heck, it's nuts compared to just 10 years ago!

    The house my first wife and I bought was $156k, and looking at the appraisals for it now shows it's "worth" $452k, which is just about what the total of payments was on the 30 year mortgage it had.

    1. Thanks for the summary!

      Been thinking of seeing that while I'm "laid up". Good to know it's fun.

    2. Yeah, it's one of those "guilty pleasure" summer movies.

  3. Took my wife to see it too, and we enjoyed it. We went to the Senior Matinee, which meant there was a whole lot of people getting up and going to the bathroom through the movie, but I can live with that. At least they didn't talk out loud during the movie. We had popcorn and cokes and I had a pretzel, so the bill for the movie was $14.00 for two senior tickets, but $18.00 for snacks.

  4. I'll stick with waiting for the video... No carry, they no get my money...

  5. I remember it was fifty cents for the Saturday matinee when I was a kid. Man, are those days gone forever.


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