Friday, March 15, 2013

Whole-House Filtration and RO System Installation Complete!

These guys were GREAT, once they got here.

The main filters and salt container were installed, plumbed in, leak tested and flushed, and then they did the under-sink unit.

And they plumbed in the ice maker for the fridge, too!

As soon as all the water in the heater is replaced, we should be able to enjoy showers more, and the laundry should come out better, with less soap.

It wasn't a cheap system, and ate up most of our tax "refund", but it's something we'd both wanted for the house for quite a while.

Oh....and I took my share of the "play money" we set aside every year, and ordered my M1 Garand from the CMP.

Yes, I went "traditional", and ordered it in 30-06.

I'm not one for naming my guns, but I think I'll call this one "Duke" when it gets here!



  1. Enjoy it and order the ammo from CMP too! Just sayin... :-D

  2. The RO water is great. May save you from developing cancer later.

  3. @Jeffro - Should be much nicer to take showers now.

    @NFO - Yep, I ordered a bunch of ammo. too!

    @Opus - I've been drinking tap water for so long it probably doesn't matter! It sure makes a great cup of coffee, though...;-)

  4. Glad to hear it went well ... and I expect a full report on the Duke's performance!

  5. One of the other instructors at the training class I helped with today says CMP is running more like 60~70 days on delivering M1's.

    He ordered one about 45 days ago, and still hasn't received it. I don't recall how he found out they were so backlogged, but I don't expect to see it now until the middle of May.


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