Friday, March 8, 2013

"First They Came For...."

Here's an 'update' to the famous "First They Came..." quotation.

Shamelessly borrowed from Ninety Miles from Tyranny.


  1. We have all been searched. Warrantless searches of our electronic "papers and effects" happens all the time. Especially to bloggers, I would imagine.

  2. Every time you step onto an airplane, you have been searched, with out a warrant. You, as a prospective passenger, are considered guilty until proven innocent. Now, if the airline company wants to search you, and you consent, that is fine. It is their equipment being put at risk. But the government (TSA) has no right to search you.

  3. The Patriot Act and its illegitimate child, the TSA, posit that by purchasing the ticket, you've consented to the strip-search. The problem is that the Act forces the airlines & airports to go along with it ... or else the Big Hammer comes down.

    Of course, you know what they say about payback.


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