Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quiet Week.....

Not much going on. I've been going to bed pretty early this week to try and get plenty of rest while the antibiotics do their magic on my sinus infection.

It's working so far, as I'm able to breathe, and I'm not coughing all night long. The persistent headache I had has gone away, and my low fever (101*) has dropped back to "normal", which for me is about 97.9*.

Morale at work is pretty low, and I've moved all my personal stuff out of my office area on the ship.

Since there's NO CHANCE we'll be going out for at least a year, I figured why keep the stuff on board.

The manager I'm more or less permanently "om loan" to told us this morning at the O-dark-thirty daily meeting that the "voluntary layoff" was directed at a few specific people they're trying to get to leave "quietly". He didn't mention what group they're in, but I have my suspicions about which one it is.

And Saturday is another "NRA First Steps - Pistol" class that I'll be helping my friend with.

ALL of his "First Steps" classes are booked solid through the end of March, and he told me all the April classes are getting filled in, too.

I just hope we can scrounge up enough 22LR to keep the students equipped!


  1. Hope it all works out for you......

  2. Indeed Sir! I hope things work out for you. I too am watching the ammo to keep the Basic Pistol classes running and we have added a Concealed Carry class for April.

  3. @Jeffro--Thanks!

    @Keads - Do you train beginners with a specific firearm, or do they bring their own?

    I just scrounged up 425 rounds of the Federal "bulk box" 22LR, and 400 rounds of Armscor. The lead instructor I work with didn't want to use the match-grade ammo I brought last week, as it's really too expensive, and we don't need "match-grade" accuracy when shooting at 25 feet!


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