Thursday, March 28, 2013

GROAN.....It's Still Pouring.....

WELL....the finger is doing much better, but I spent a couple of hours at the doctor's yesterday getting and abscess checked out.

The lab results came back from the swab they took of the finger, and sure enough, it's an MRSA bacteria.

Since the Keflex the walk-in clinic doctor prescribed me is totally ineffective against this particular strain, my regular doctor told me to stop taking it, and prescribed two new antibiotics for me to take.

Lacking lab results, I'm sure the doctor at the walk-in ordered what he thought was an appropriate antibiotic.

I'm now taking Clindamycin and Trimethoprim, which from what I've read is a pretty potent combination.

As far as the abscess goes, it started out looking like a pimple, right on my belt line, and got very irritated. Within 48 hours of having my finger checked out, it was huge, painful, and draining on its own.

The draining on its own was a Good Thing, as my doctor didn't have to open it up, but holy feels like a red hot poker jabbing me!

At times like this I realize how fortunate I am to have good quality medical care, a decent job, and a loving wife to "take care" of me.

No, I'm not playing it up, but she does make sure I follow doctor's orders!

And my doctor told me to stay home from work, get plenty of rest, drink LOTS of water, and come back Monday morning to see how things are progressing.

So, I'm off until Tuesday. With this bum finger and sore-at-the-waistband, though, I can't do any of the tinkering I'd normally do in my off-time, and that's a bummer.



  1. Take it easy, OK Jim? Praying for your full and swift recovery.

  2. What Opus #6 said. Prayers headed your way, sir.

  3. Ugh. Good luck, and hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. Oh, man. I've had abscesses on the ol' beltline in the past. Ya just about can't wear a belt, and I gotta have one, period. Not pleasant.

    Praying for you (and yours).

  5. Yeah, it's rather uncomfortable, forcing me to wear shorts with the belt loose so I don't put any pressure on it.

  6. You can still work the remote with your thumbs.

    Let's see, there are Kardashian re-runs - the housewives of wherever, the Oprah Channel and MSNBC is you want the news...

  7. Oh, gee, thanks, Larry.....

    Now I'm nauseated on top of having a staph infection!

    I recorded the IndyCar race in Florida last weekend. I think I'll watch that instead........

  8. Glad you did a follow up and are now on the right meds... MSRA is NOT something to play with...

  9. This is the first time I've ever had any MRSA infection, and I was surprised how explosively it grew once it got established.

    I've been on the new antibiotics about 48 hours now, and I'm already seeing some improvement as far as the size of the abscess on my tummy, and the condition of my finger.

    Folks, as Old_NFO says....this is NOT something to screw around with.

    It can kill you.


    If you have any "pimple" or "boil" that suddenly takes on a life of its own...SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT AT ONCE!

    Once this stuff gets into your blood stream it attacks your entire body. Your liver and kidneys can't keep up, and organ failure is a distinct possibility.

    And this came out of nowhere. No cut finger, no scrapes on dirty nails in the garage, no sick people around, and no visits to the hospital.

    And for those of you who regularly tinker on mechanical stuff, or get miscellaneous nicks, cuts, and scratches working around the house, get a tetanus booster every five to seven years.


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