Friday, March 15, 2013

Waitng for the Plumber, or Someone Like Him....


We bought a nice RainSoft whole-house softener and filtration system last week,

It was a "Special Deal" from Home Depot, and included 0% financing as long as we pay it off in 24 months.

WELL....the installation company was supposed to come out Wednesday, between 1500 and 1730 to site the installation of the tanks, estimate the amount of plumbing required, and install the under sink part.

They didn't get here until 1900, and by then it was too late to start anything other than the site survey, and drop off about half of the equipment.

They told us that somebody would be in contact Thursday morning, to show up Thursday afternoon, and install the under sink pre-filter, RO unit, and final filter equipment.

They didn't call or show, so I called the office at 1600.

At 1730 the office manager called, and *promised* me that somebody would be here between 0900 and 1100 to start the installation, and that they would call 30 minutes before arriving.

It's now 1125, and no call, no show.

I'm going to call them back at 1130, and try and find out what's going on.

The guys that came here Wednesday seemed really sharp, and answered all the technical questions I had to my satisfaction, and apologized for not being able to meet the promised schedule due to some unforeseen problems at the installation they had just finished.

They showed me some pictures of the one they had just came from, and I have to admit it was a difficult installation, and they pulled it off beautifully.

The house was on a corner lot, with a very small backyard, and the owner didn't want anything visible from the street.

They dug a pit to mount the equipment in, plumbed it in to the house, backfilled it, and put a fake fiberglass "rock" over the exposed components.

I'm sure it took them a lot longer than anticipated!

Of course, that does *me* no good, as they haven't come back, or called, since the office gal called Thursday evening.

I sure hope the damn equipment works better than their scheduling process in getting a crew out here for the installation!


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