Thursday, July 12, 2012

Police Action In Downtown L.A.

Been listening to my scanner for a while, and there's something going on around 4th/5th and Spring/Broadway.
They were using an air unit (chopper) to vector the police around to try and box up a crowd that had attempted to roll over a van and torch it.
"Less Than Lethal" approval came through about 15 minutes ago, and I just heard them give the order to fire:
"Bean Bags Only, Target The Instigators".

Hmmm....wonder if this will make the news tomorrow?



  1. I found this. Maybe this was it?

  2. Yeah, something about an 'art' march where 200 protesters showed up...

  3. That must have been it. When I first heard it, the incident commander was saying something about the arts center.

  4. Freakin' Occupods at it again. Police need to use ball ammo, not LL, on these wastes of skin.


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