Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day

Happy (?) 4th of July, everybody.
I'm still in a dizzy over what our crumb-bum-in-chief is getting away with, and the recent Supreme (double??) Court decisions.
Oh, well.....
Going up to Angeles Shooting Range on Friday with my son and his cousin. I'm going to sight-in my new Nikon Buckmaster scope (3x9x40) on my Marlin 336, and blast some steel with my Marlin 1894 in 357.
My son will be bringing his step dads Mini 14, and I'm looking forward to shooting one of those.

Everybody be safe, and watch out for each other!

And I'll leave you with a quote from General Curtis LeMay's 1968 book, "America Is In Danger":

"People who wish to remain free must be willing to bleed for freedom"


  1. Sounds like fun. And by the way - I'll be ordering one of those scopes when we return from vacation next week, to replace the Bushnell POS that went Tango Uniform on Sunday.

  2. Have yourself a time, ol' buddy!

  3. Yep!
    Tomorrow I'm going to clean the rifles. I'm trying to remember what kind of gun oil I used on the 336, as it turned to a yellow-brown varnish-looking layer, and I'm probably going to have to use some really good solvent (Gun Scrubber!) to get it off the bolt, lever, and any other parts. I *think* I used some generic "gun oil" that came in a cleaning kit made by Outer's, and I should have used my "Gun Butter" synthetic lube on it.
    Gun Butter is great stuff, and I use it on my other guns, but IIRC, I just used the "gun oil" from the cleaning kit.
    Maybe Hoppe's #9 will get it off.....

  4. Have a great day, my friend. Shoot well.


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