Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Knucle Draggin' My Life Away" on Hiatus

Ken (wirecutter) over at "Knuckle Draggin' My Life Away" has decided to take a break for a while.

Although I'm sure 99% of the blogosphere knew this before me, I understand it.

C'mon back anytime,'ve got a lot of friends out here!



  1. So , the whole site is gone ?

  2. Well, it's gone to wherever blogger sends it when you take it offline.
    I've got another blog that I killed, and it's still "there", but I'm not sure if anybody else besides me can see it.
    Kenny just has too much stuff going on these days, and it was taking too much of his time.
    He may or may not be back.

  3. Damn sure enjoyed his blog. Hope he comes back.

  4. Wouldn't it figure...

    I discovered his blog 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed the humor - not much makes me laugh and this had me rolling.

  5. He put the blog back up, but only for viewing. He won't be doing any new posts, and I think he's got the comments disabled.


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