Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking Chance....

....Is the name of an HBO movie that's been running this week. I saw it tonight for the first time, and it's quite good. It's the story of a Lt.Col in the Marines taking one of our fallen soldiers back home to his final resting place. I hadn't seen Kevin Bacon in anything since my son and I went to see "Hollow Man" 9 years ago. He gave quite a performance. Seems the critics were split on the movie, some seeing it for what it is, and others seeing it for what they thought it should be.
Just make sure you have a full box of Kleenex with you.
God bless our soldiers!


  1. Yep, and it's 95% correct too. I saw it last Sat in LA. And yes, I went through a kleenex or two, and I've known about it since 2004 when BlackFive originally posted it (and Mike was working at MCCD).

  2. I thought it was a terrific movie. And I did have tissue close at hand....thankfully.


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