Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, I finally broke down and bought a SIG P226 in .40S&W. When I decided to get back into firearms after too many years away, I wanted to get a SIG P220, based on the 10,000 round ( ! ) test I read about. I wound up with a Kimber Custom TLE II as since I'd grown up with 1911's, I just felt more comfortable with one. Still, I always admired the fit and finish and "seriousness" of the SIG pistols. That and the fact that Fox Mulder carried one! Since my local purveyor of pistols was running reeeealy low on stock of anything capable of projecting lead downrange, I popped for the SIG while he still had it. Since it hadn't been 30 days since my last handgun purchase out here in the Republik, I could only put down a deposit to hold it. I'll be able to pay it off "In Full" and do the DROS on the 16th (President's Day!), and then pick it up on the 27th. It's interesting to note that although our brilliant minds in the State Government of The Republik out here demand that you wait "30 days" between purchases of handguns, it actually winds up being FOURTY days because of the additonal 10-day wait after you do the DROS.
So now that I have several handguns, and a couple of long guns, does this mean I have an "Arsenal"? Seems like anytime somebody has more than ONE gun, the lamestream media goes into a hissy fit and screams "They had an ARSENAL!" at the drop of a hat.


  1. I'd have had a P220 long ago had I not been bitten by the 1911 bug. Once I picked up that first one (Springfield GI), that was it. And then I had to go off and develop a fascination with one of those esoteric calibers that you can only afford to shoot if you reload...LOLOL

  2. Oh, yeah! When I picked up the Kimber, it just "felt right", and all the muscle memory started to come back. When I got it home, I had it field-stripped and cleaned in about 20 minutes!
    It's nice to go back to things that you know how to work. Kinda like finding a long-lost sweater or jacket.

  3. Nice choice, and doubly so since it was good enough for Fox Mulder. As for me and my house, we will cling to our Glocks. Yeah, they're ugly and the grip is akin to a 2x4, but they're simple and undeniably reliable. I shot over 1000 rounds with 1/3 of the trigger pin sheared off of mine, and she never skipped a beat!

  4. I'm over 5000 on my 'original' Kimber, and all I've ever done is clean it. I suppose I should start thinking about replacing at least the recoil spring, and maybe the firing pin spring.


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