Saturday, February 21, 2009

Linux at SCALE 7x

Went to the 7th SCALE Linux expo this morning at the LAX Westin Hotel. I've been going there since they started, and it's always good to see old friends and meet new ones. I went by the Electronic Frontier Foundation booth several times as I roamed the floor, and decided to join. Lo and behold, the guy manning the booth was one of my Ham Radio buddies! For those that don't know about the EFF, I've added a link to them on the Link-O-Rama. Besides just writing to your congress critters about the alleged "Fairness Doctrine", I suggest you go to the EFF and read about their fight to protect BLOGGER'S RIGHTS. Yep, there are subtle provisions in the bill to CENSOR the Internet. Imagine that....censorship in the USA! Guess it goes along with being legally robbed by the tax man to support people too damn lazy to work for a living. You can sign up for a free email feed, and join for the piddling amount of $25, fully tax deductable. Well, at least it is for now, until The Messiah decides to look into their tax-exempt status!
It was fun to see how far Linux has come since I started using it in 1995. Particularly the multimedia stuff, which could always be a little dicey, and the wide range of business-type applications that are out there now.

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