Wednesday, October 25, 2023

All Current and Pending Medical Procedures Completed and Checked Off.......



Been a hectic six months here, starting with "The Case of the Fractured Femur", which brought this issue to the front-burner. A first procedure to determine the state of the internal plumbing cleared me of any abnormalities or carcinoma. The next step was a "Urodynamics" test of nerve and muscle function, all of which were verified as being in good working order. I always thought of that test as the name of a French or British Aerospace company, as in "EuroDynamics", or maybe "EuroDynamix" if it were a media company.

After these tests and the procedure were performed, and the results carefully analyzed, a decision was made to do The Procedure I'd heard about from a few of you. Despite it's nickname of "RotoRooter", which conjures up grisly, Medieval images best left unthought of, it was pretty much a non-event. Other than going through General Anesthesia, which leaves me a bit loopy for 36 hrs, I had essentially ZERO issues. No "pain", and low levels of "discomfort" so far, which surprised me. Not only did I not need the knockout drops I was prescribed, I also didn't need the 1,000mg of Acetaminophen twice a day. The only side effects I see are from the specific medications for this procedure. One of them turns the urine a really psychedelic orange, right straight out of a Peter Max poster from the 60's. The other med "just works".

It almost feels anticlimactic, I guess. After six months, I was getting a bit too used to the "Disturbance in the Force" (Stockholm Syndrome? Thousand-yard Stare?), and being back to normal feels strange.

I'm glad I finished the 20 Meter Vertical Antenna installation before I had the procedure, as I'm on a Light Duty Restriction for the next several weeks. It would have been a real drag if I couldn't have listened to the radio, especially since the band conditions have been really good the last few days. The 10 Meter (28MHz) Band has been usable for an hour after sunset, which hasn't happened in several years. Conditions within the CONUS have been very good, with most signals (and there's a bunch!) are of moderately strong ("5x7") to very strong ("You're twenty over here!"), making some stations sound like they're only a few miles away. The loudest signal I've heard here has been from a local ham the next street over. Google Maps indicates our antennas are only about 500' feet apart. If one of us hears the other on a given band, one station will change bands. BTW, he was +55dB over S9 on the big Yaesu. Haven't heard too much from Europe, but plenty of stations in South America. The lowest frequency band I use is the 40 Meter (7MHz) Band. I've heard ZS6CCY in South Africa numerous times on this band since we moved here. I used to hear Australia and New Zealand ("Vee Kay / Zed El in ham speak) on a regular basis back in SoCal, but they're weaker here. One of these days I'll look at the Great Circle Route between my previous and current stations. Might be interesting. This version of the antenna is noticeably quieter on the 7MHz band, where I went from an "S3" background noise level to "S0", which is pretty quiet. Considering it was "S7" in SoCal, this is a huge improvement. If/When we get the structure built over the concrete patio, I'll put my Big Gun version of this antenna up, my 33' Shakespeare Model 2011.

Winter is on the way! We're expecting our first snow of the season this coming weekend, all day Saturday and Saturday night. There's no talk of accumulation, but the low temps are forecast to be in the mid to low teens. I'm sure SLW will want her snows put on soon, even though some call this start a "False Winter", and we'll have some more nice, sunny, 70* days before Winter clamps down.


  1. Glad things are working out. Sounds like you have plenty of options during the light duty time to keep you entertained and otherwise occupied.

    1. I have several (dozen?) little "Bench Projects" that have stacked up over the years, and/or projects that are at the "80%" stage. Time to get those knocked out!

  2. Replies
    1. It still feels strange to be able to just walk in the bathroom and do my business!

  3. I had a similar experience and then I got the flu...


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