Monday, October 2, 2023

I Survived!

 Oh, yeah!


Hit by "Hurricane TLG", followed by "Tropical Storm TNLG", and they were both in the same area for a time on both Saturday and Sunday. Got us coming and going!

I'm OK, but the playroom and den took a beating.


TNLG is a lot like his older brother in that he copies a lot of things his brother does, and has most likely taught him. He was having an absolute blast with the motion and sound activated Halloween decorations his Big Brother, SLW, and I put up on Saturday. And they both run around in circles in the den, and spinning the "Rotary Ottoman" we have.

Besides the chair rotating and rocking, the foot stool also rotates freely, and can be brought up to an almost scary RPM by a determined 6 year old!

Nobody's been flung off it yet, but they're still little.....

 I marvel at their energy and stamina....

Had some brief showers which gave us .1" of rain. Not much, but we'll take it! Northeastern Weld County got clobbered, along with Fort Morgan. They always seem to get hit a lot harder than we do, being out on the wide open Plains, while we're in the foothills. Quite a big difference! WSF told me there are something like 17 micro climates running North up the I-25 from Denver to the Wyoming border, and I believe it! We never had weather like this in SoCal, and it's helped me learn some of the correct terms for things.

And I'm taking advantage of the nice weather by getting the garage all squared away so SLW can park her car inside. Since the bed on the truck is approaching 80% of capacity, I'm going through ALL the boxes of "Misc Stuff", and either giving it away (Fairly new 12V battery, lots of 10ga stranded wire...), or taking it to the dump.

And I finally managed to get the two sections of the intake manifold separated!

Some of the bolts are hard to get at, and can be easily confused with some bolts holding a hard-line vacuum line manifold, so I wound up taking all the bolts out, only to find I missed two! ARRRRGH! I'll get the entire assembly off the engine as soon as I can figure out a way to remove the electrical connector on the Cold Start Injector, which acts like a "choke" by enriching the cold-start mixture.

Yeah, lousy picture. The "Banjo Bolt" just to the left of center is the fuel line, and the red tagged wiring harness that's nicely out-of-focus is the connector, which has to have a spring wire released so the locking tabs unlock, and you can unmate the connector pair.

Extreme Bokeh?

Now I can de-crud it in the garage, and then take it downstairs to inspect, clean, measure, and adjust it per the Toyota Service Manuals and EFI Service Manuals.


  1. We got about one hour of rain but had wind from the South all day. Banner doesn't like to get wet and was giving me reproachful looks when I took him out to do his business.

    From the internet. Is Weld County in Tornado Alley?
    Granted Weld is one of the bigger counties in the country, but that's still a lot of tornadoes. The reason is a reoccurring boundary of colliding air known as the Denver Convergence and Vorticity Zone, or DCVZ.Apr 29, 2023

    Most High Plains tornadoes are F1 but still do a lot of damage.

    1. Pebbles doesn't care for rain, either, except if she's out on a walk. Snow is OK, but rain is a no-no.The weather here is quite different from everywhere else I've lived. Illinois is on the Interior Plains, and most of our weather "started here". and rolled across the Plains until it hit us.
      And we NEVER had winds like we get here.

  2. Glad you survived the Kid-Induced_Cyclones! I bet you and they had fun.

    1. Yeah we did! This place is almost three times as big as where they live, and "Exploring" is always high on their list.
      And the basement!...W0W...much fun is had by all. I even have a "Kid Friendly" shelf in the "Lab" area where they can spin the knobs and punch the buttons on some old radio gear.

  3. Hard to remember we all had that much energy once. :)
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. Who was it who said "The Pity of Youth is that it's wasted on the Young"?

  4. Replies
    1. I just wish I could bottle up some of their energy for the times I need it!

  5. I like your bokeh! As an art philosopher I can appreciate that. Glad you survived your little whirlwinds!

    1. Thank you, Miss Jules! I probably should have used a Macro lens, but I didn't feel like swapping lenses. Yes, The Little Ones are quite enjoyable. Wearying, but worth it.


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