Friday, March 12, 2021

All Battened Down

 Made a run to the store to pick up some extra stuff, and some essential stuff, like COFFEE, and rawhide chews for Pebbles The Wonder Dog. She gets quite insistent if she doesn't get her morning rawhide, but the evening rawhide is not a daily treat.

As of 2330, it's overcast, but dry. Got hit by a few raindrops when we were out earlier, but minimal.

The current forecast calls for it to start raining around 0100, followed by freezing rain, and then snow.

 As of 1517 this afternoon, the NWS was calling for 18"~24" of snow here. They'll issue and updated forecast Saturday morning.

So for now, it's The Calm Before The Storm......


  1. NOAA says we have a slight chance for snow on Monday/Tuesday.
    As we've had multiple snow storms this year, the preparations are mostly done.
    I will still check the thrower and start it on Sunday.
    We added cheap crampons to our gear.
    If we don't use them for ice and snow, we could always put them on and use them for meat tenderizing.
    Our plan to get snowshoes was derailed by the astonishing lack of in-stock snowshoes.

    Fingers crossed that all goes well with you.

    It's best to harvest bivalves before the waves kick up.
    Yep, it's the clam before the storm.

    1. This will probably be our last Big Snow of this season unless Mother Nature decides otherwise.

  2. 0800 taking the dog out for his morning constitutional, a slight amount of precipitation is coming down here 24 miles SSE of you. The forecast shows a classic mountain wave pattern with the rain shadow running from Ft Morgan to Limon. Historically, these storms hammer the Palmer Divide between Denver and Colorado Springs.

    1. I peeked out the window several times during the night, and we had zip until around 0400. Then I noticed the streets were slightly wet. Snow coming down pretty good around 1100, then switched to rain, then back to snow, then some more rain, and now at 1330, I think it's decided to stay with snow.

      Still not sticking on the streets, but the grass is starting to get a dusting.

  3. Hope you all are safe and doing well, drjim. God bless and watch over you all.

    1. Thanks, Linda. We should be OK, but it'll be a mess by Sunday morning.


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