Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Welllll..... That Was Quick....

 I figured it would take the wife at least a week to decide she didn't like the Jeep Gladiator. Only took her three days.

SO....I'm keeping my Grand Cherokee, and she'll be trading in her Elantra. Not sure what she'll be getting, but as WSF commented, she'll love it, and I'll drive it when required.


  1. Hyundai/Kia have some nice SUV and AWD vehicles.

    1. I know they do. Our DIL is considering a Telluride. Wonderful vehicle, and our little Elentra hasn't been one lick of trouble.

      BUT...SLW wants a cargo bed, and I don't think they have any compact pick-em-up trucks.

      I built and priced a Chevy Colorado, a Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and a Honda Ridgeline.

      And now she says she never said "no" to the Gladiator, and she wants to drive one.

      I'll *only* get rid of the Grand Cherokee if we get a Gladiator; otherwise the Hyundai gets traded in, and the new car will be her daily driver.

  2. 'Round and 'round she goes, and where she stops ... ("she" not referring to any spouses of the feminine persuasion, of course).

  3. Well, the adult thing to do would be to analyze all vehicles that meet basic parameters, test drive them, compare reliability rates and repair costs and all that, and then make the selection.

    Hope things are adultish with her.

    Surprised she hasn't looked into vans of some sort or another.

    1. Negative vans, Beans! She wants something with a cargo bed, which surprised the daylights out of me.

      This has gone from "Gee, honey, a little truck sure would be nice" several months ago, to me flippantly showing her pictures of the Jeep Gladiator, and then casually driving through the local dealer's lot after dinner on Saturday, to her talking to the credit unions we belong to today, and her going over the "Build-and-Price" print-outs I did last night.

      She shifted into her "Ferengi Business Acquisition Mode" sometime in the last 24 hours, and she's brutally good at it.The last time I saw her nails sharpened up like this was three years ago, when we got the house ready for sale, sold it, moved here, and were in a more-than-suitable house 60 days later.

      She's stunningly good at things like this, and I count my blessings every day.

      It wouldn't surprise me if we either take possession of, or special order, a truck by the end of the first week in August.

  4. There is that new Ford Bronco, available for 2021

    1. I think she's phase-locked on a 4-door, AWD, V6 powered target with a cargo bed, LL, and I don't think I want her to lose that lock.

      We've discussed various things, and I agreed to get red, even though 2 out of 3 of the red cars I've owned were disasters. And even though she can drive a manual, I acquiesced to the automatic transmission.

      And we agreed on my stipulation that the only way I'll get rid of my Jeep is to trade it in on another one. BTW, FCA still has the "Loyal Jeep Customer" program, and are supposed to knock another $1k off the deal.

      So I imagine this week we'll go looking at Chevrolet Colorados, Honda Ridgelines, Jeep Gladiators, and Toyota Tacomas. We'll ask to test drive them, and I'll shut up and leave the business dealings to her. If we get the Jeep, my Grand Cherokee goes bye-bye. Any of the others, and the Hyundai goes on the block. Surprisingly, her little car is worth about $3k more than mine.

      And I'm going to jot down some garage measurements tonight, and then compare them to the exterior dimensions of all the vehicles on the list. Be really sucky to get something that barely fits! The previous owners of the house had a Chevy Suburban and garaged it, so I think we'll be OK.


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