Monday, September 16, 2019

Supra "Timing Cover #3" Refurb OOOOPS! Annnnnd Homemade BREAD!

I saw this coming last night when I started applying the first color coat to the "DOHC" lettering.

The wrinkle finish on the cover came out pretty well:

BUT (always one of them hanging around somewhere...) I noticed the paint wasn't brushing out very nicely, and it struck me that I didn't take the paint off the letters, and the very rough surface was making the painted letters look a bit weird, like the paint had crazed:

So now I'll have to carefully scrape the paint off the letters, leaving them with a flat surface so the gloss paint flows out and looks good. This wasn't a problem with the cam cover lettering as I'd block sanding the paint off the ribs and lettering, giving me a flat surface to brush the paint on to.

Oh, well, live and learn, and DON'T get in a hurry!

And with the weather cooling off (gonna have lows in the low 40's this week), thoughts turn to firing up the oven, and making some bread. There's little that beats the smell of fresh baking bread on a cool day. I used to "help" my Mom bake bread all the time when I was little (I was the "Punch Down" guy!), along with "helping" her make rolls, biscuits, cookies, and many other home-baked goodies. I used to be a pretty good cook, with a few specialty items like chili, spaghetti sauce, and of course burgers and steaks.

So now I'm on the hunt for good bread recipes. I bought some yeast, and it's in the fridge, and we have everything else I need to make "basic bread", but I'm thinking of maybe trying some rye bread, or a 'peasant bread' made with a coarser flour.

So I'm off to the InterWebz to see what I can find for bread recipes.

I'm sure there's thousands of them out there.....


  1. This is my go to bread recipe:

    1. Thanks, Brig, I'll check it out.

      And me being me, I'm researching "bread", learning about flour types ("bread" flour has higher gluten than "pastry" flour), reading different recipes, and just being a "Damn Engineer"!

  2. Hi "DJ!!"*
    (*I give "call sign's" to people I like to communicate with!!)
    You said "BREAD!!!!"
    'Have I Got a deal for you!!
    Can you remember "3-2-1"????
    It's called "BEER BREAD!!" and it's as easy as "1-2-3!!!!"
    TURN yer' oven on to 350*F to warm up!!
    In a bowl put .....
    "3" cups of "SELF RISING*" Flour...
    preferably "sifted" in one of those tin can sifters
    with the
    twist handle on the side!!
    "2" Tablespoons of "Plain ol' sugar!!!
    "1" 12 oz. "B-E-E-R-!!!!!" "Any kind!! from "Bud Light to Becks
    etc. Yer' favorite!!
    Get it all Blended!! 'May take some 'doin' as you may think you don't have enough Beer but hack at it!!
    Get one of those 9" meat loaf pan's and spray some nonstick spray on it!! Put the Dough in!! "BAKE!!!" at 350*F for 1 hour!! about 10 or so min before done... put a 1/4 stick of "BUTTER!!!!!!!!!" in a small pan over the oven heat riser to melt it!!
    When the Bread is done... it will fall out of the pan, put on a paper towel and pour the melted butter over it!!
    WAIT!!!!' a few minutes for it to cool then....
    PS.. if you don't have any "SELF RISING FLOUR" You can make some by for "each" cup of plain flour add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 Tablespoon of Baking Powder!!!! (Do the math for 3 cups!!)
    'Got the recipe over 40 years ago from a guy in the ejection seat shop at Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, Ca. back when we were working on the ACES II Ejection seat!! At the 10 o'clock break we'd occasionally have a "Pot Luck" Grub!! The Beer Bread was just Too Cool!!!!

    1. Sounds like some of the stuff my has made.

  3. Oh well... Live and learn... AGAIN... We're all guilty of that.

    1. Yeah, but right before the first paint hit the wrinkle paint, I looked at it and said to myself "I should probably clean the wrinkle off the letters....", and I didn't.

      Oh, well....just confirmation to follow my gut on things like this that I haven't done in years.

  4. Bread. Off my eating plan except for coconut flour bread.

    1. I try my best to eat a fairly well "balanced" diet, and I have no restrictions on things like gluten, lactose, butter, salt, or anything else.

      Just lucky, I guess, and dropping 60 pounds sure helped.

  5. Ah! The old bread quest! I love home baked bread, the smell, taste and business of making it. But, and I'll be honest, I haven't quite cracked the code. Maybe Brig's recipe will change that? Maybe practice makes perfect, hmmmm.

    1. Both, Parson. You always get the fish, so make some loaves!

      I now know enough about flour to understand I need "Bread Flour", and King Arthur is highly recommended. Then some dark rye flour and caraway seeds if I want to make rye bread, and some sour pickle juice if I want to make Jewish rye bread. And some unsweetened dark chocolate to give it some color.

      Who knows, I might get quite good at it!

  6. Take a shot at making some sourdough bread. It's quite fascinating to make your starter, and watch it come alive. You keep feeding the starter as you remove whatever amount is required by the recipe. There are a ton of them out there.

  7. I don't really care that much for sourdough. I never had it when I was a kid, so I never developed a taste for it.


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