Friday, September 6, 2019

Cam Cover Progress

Now that the clear on the cam covers has cured for a couple of weeks, with several multi-hour sessions in full sunlight, I put the first coat of color on the lettering.

It's been 20-odd years or so since I did any detail work like this, but as I spent many, many years building model cars and airplanes, the brush strokes and such came back after some practice on a scrap of aluminum.

I have to give it another coat after this coat cures and shrinks a bit, then I'll let the enamel color cure for a while, mask off the rest of the cover, and give the lettering a few light coats of high-temp clear to seal it on there.

Got the GoPro out, the batteries charged, and set it up for "One Button" recording. I upgraded the firmware in it a day or so before I made the attempt to record Big Boy 4014 go by, but didn't think to check if a firmware upgrade set everything back to the defaults (it does, and I should have known better), so when I used like I had before, it didn't record.


So I'll have at least one camera with me tomorrow for the Rist Canyon Mountain Festival!

More on that tomorrow.....


  1. Nice detail paint work.

    I learned to paint in the Navy.
    Navy painting means getting the maximum amount of paint on any given object in the shortest time possible, and runs and spatter are of no importance.
    Many years ago my wife told me in no uncertain terms that Navy painting wasn't acceptable on the home front.

    Again, that looks really sharp.

    1. I, too, learned to paint in the U.S. Army; just get the paint on the truck, and shut up. Runs? Spatter? What did I just say about shutting up?

      (NOTE: no, the supervising NCO did not put it that way, it was more accurately 'shut the f*** up,' if I recall.

    2. That's how my Dad learned "painting".

      Which is probably why Mom never let him paint anything, and always hired it otu.....

    3. Hey, man...I got to....I got to...I got to REPRIMER THE JEEP!

      Yeah, that's it, I got to reprimer the Jeep.....

    4. As Team Chief, when we were to go out on a deployment in a war game, I got a case of rattlecan OD to repaint the deuce and a half.
      That truck looked showroom.
      The Major was ticked that he couldn't find a fault, so he opens the drivers door and rocks the truck with it and complains about the loose door hinge.

    5. Well gee, Ed, if he couldn't find something to gig you for, he wasn't doing his job!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, SiG. It should look pretty nice when it's finished, and a damn sight better than what's on the car now!

  3. Military paint is the best! When we went to replace a door glass, we found all the metal rusted but the layers of paint kept it from collapsing.

    1. All those dozens of layers, carefully cured by Mother Nature, can definitely hold things together!

      I've seen some old farm trucks that would have fallen apart except for the paint holding them together!


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