Saturday, August 31, 2019

Good Visit with My Son

We had a very pleasant time the few days he was here. He got in Tuesday night, after spending Monday night in Richland, UT, and left late this morning. He took the "Northern Route" to get here, going through Salt lake City, and then to Cheyenne, then South to here.

He's planning on taking the "Southern Route" to get back to Lost Angeleez, going South on I-25 to Albuquerque, then West through Arizona, and back to Kaliforniastan.

He's seriously considering stopping in Winslow, AZ to visit the "Standin' On The Corner" park 'just because'.

Hey, we stopped at the "Arne's Royal Hawaiian Motel" in Baker, CA on my move here 'just because' we'd both seen it on "Roadkill", so why not? I'm glad he's getting to see some of the Southwestern United States, as he's never taken a solo cross-country trip like this before. He's never driven this much, and says the next time he drives here he'll be pulling a trailer with all his stuff in it.

Wednesday we took a scenic drive, and stopped for lunch at the Mishawaka, a local hangout in Poudre Canyon for around 100 years. Thursday we did some runnin around stuff (nice to have a relative with a pick-up truck!), and then went up to The Kid's Place in Laporte so he could hang with his nephew for a while. Friday we went up to the Cheyenne Depot Museum (GREAT place!), and then to the local "Mongolian BBQ" with The Kids for a nice dinner. I've finally figured out which and how much of the 'special sauces' to put on my food before giving it to the cook to be grilled.

So we had fun hanging out in the garage, and going to a few local things we thought he might enjoy.

He'd really like to get out of L.A. and move here, and I know getting out of that pressure cooker would be a Very Good Thing for him.


  1. Glad you could take in the train museum.

    1. Oh, yeah! Learned a few things about land surveying I didn't know, and we both learned it was the telegraph that killed off the Pony Express. Got talking to an old-timer volunteer there, and he knew all about the electric locos I worked on for Conrail in Harrisburg, PA. He even knew what a GG-1 was! And I learned that when the train is mostly refer containers, they have a special generator car they add every few container carriers to run the individual refer units in each trailer on the carrier. I'd never seen that because all the refer containers I'd seen on trains were short-haul, out of the harbor area, and seemed to be plugged into the train somehow.

      Real interesting stuff!

      Now I'm hunting for a "Western Telegraph Museum".....

  2. Replies
    1. So are we. He really wants to get out of SoCal, so we talked about that several times. He could probably transfer directly to the local chain that's owned by the parent company of who he works for now, and there are other chains here besides the one he's working for now.


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