Saturday, August 3, 2019

Headin' Out to the Larimer County Fair on Sunday

I haven't been to a "County Fair" since I was knee-high to a married grasshopper. Well, maybe a couple, but I swear I went to see the Tractor Pulls.

And yep, we're taking The Little Guy.

The Larimer County Fair is held in the same complex as the Budweiser Events Center, known around here as "The Ranch". It's in the complex where the local radio club has their yearly Hamfest/Swapmeet, so I know the shortcut to avoid getting off at Route 34, and having to go through those $$@@##!! traffic circles immediately off I-25.

In the old days they'd have called it "County Fairgrounds", but these days it's the "Larimer County Events Center".

Oh, well.....

And being that we're going on Sunday, I'm hoping it's not too crazy-crowded.

We'll just be doing the free stuff, not going to the carnival or the rodeo, and I'm sure we'll get to try some County Fair food!


  1. Hope you have a fun time.
    I have such great memories of my grandkids, kids, and myself showing our livestock project animals at the county fairs.

    1. Thanks, Brig!

      The Little Guy gets all excited when he sees a tractor, and if it's a John Deere, he goes bonkers.

      He's definitely a "Country Kid", and it's great to see him get enthused about things.

  2. That sounds like a bunch of fun, and the chance to try foods that you would never even think of eating, (or deep frying) only adds to the fun.

    1. It was great fun!

      I don't eat the "Deep Fried" stuff, but there was plenty of it there, along with several of the big name local BBQ places.

  3. Let us know what the 'deep fried special' is... LOL

    1. The surprise winner-of-the-day (for me, anyway) was the Deep Fried Oreo cookies.

      My wife said she's seen battered/breaded and deep-fried BUTTER of all things. thanks!

      I wimped out and had a gyro salad from Kosta's, who used to run the "Gyro Cart" in Old Town until it got too expensive with permits and fees.

      The Gyro Cart was a Fort Collins Old Town favorite, and I was looking forward to trying them until the young lady told me the story.

      Excellent gyros, BTW!

  4. Missed it this year. Be careful with the Little Guy. Out in farm country brands count. Have a cousin from a "Deere" family married to a man from a "Case" family. Mixed marriage!


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