Thursday, November 8, 2018

It's Official!

Just received notice from the Friendly Candy Company that my vanity callsign has been assigned.

All I did was change the numerical designator from "6" for Kommiefornia to "0" for Colorado.

Hmmm...with the recent "Blue Wave" of insanity that swept my new home state yesterday, maybe I should start spelling it as "Kolorado"?

Nah....just doesn't have the right ring to it.

Anyway, I printed out a reference copy, and now I can send that to the DMV in Denver to get my Amateur Radio plates for the Jeep.


  1. HAH!

    In the old days, as soon as you notified the FCC of your new address, they started the process to issue you a new callsign. That could take 4~8 weeks.

    Nowadays you can request a "vanity" callsign, like K0JIM, and I elected to request a change to a callsign with a 0 instead of a 6.

    It took *me* a year to decide to do it. The FCC took 19 days from when I filed the (electronic) paperwork

  2. You might rethink that... They've taken over Denver, Colorado Springs, and are moving north...

    1. Yeah, Well Seasoned Fool feels it deeper in his bones than I do, but it saddens me greatly that the libs are trying to turn CO into CA.


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