Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Election Day

And I won't waste too much ink, too many pixels, or an excessive number of electrons writing about it.

We mailed in our ballots last week, and I don't have a clue about any "Blue Waves", "Red Waves", backlash, or anything else.

We have a critical (to us) Governor's race, and a "Must Not Pass" proposition on the ballot.

The (R) candidate for Governor has been the state treasurer, has a solid record, and has campaigned throughout the state.

The (D) candidate is a rich guy with some questionable business dealings, and has basically only campaigned along the Front Range (Fort Collins to Pueblo), completely ignoring half the state's population.

And we have a proposition that would require a 2500' setback (buffer zone) for oil and gas operations. I haven't read the entire bill, but the gist of it is that it would kill oil and gas production in Colorado.

SO....time to make some popcorn, fire up the tube, and sit back and watch.


  1. Question to be answered can a candidate spend 18+ million of his own money and buy a governorship? Even my few regaining (P)regressive friends are chocking on that question.

  2. That's what it looks like. Polis' comments on the National Guard were rather interesting for somebody who claims to be qualified for Governor, eh?

  3. He is from Boulder and a CU graduate so I'm not surprised.


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