Friday, July 20, 2018

Retirement Communities for Old Rockers and Gearheads?

I was out puttering around in the garage today, listening to KARS "Rock 102.9", and I heard an ad for "Columbine Patio Homes", a 55+ planned community. A sweet young woman extolled the virtues of living there, and emphasized how cool it was that all the floor plans were named for "Great American Cars!", like Bonneville, Catalina, Impala, and Regal. A quick check of their website shows they also have a "Bentley" floor plan, and a quick check of reality shows that the only possible versions of a Buick Regal that might qualify as a "Great American Car!" would be the Grand National and the GNX. The place is also located on Torino Drive, and for a "California Connection", Torino Drive is located right off Worthington Drive. Every time I drive past Worthington Drive I keep hearing "Go See Cal...."

Anyway...I guess seeing 55+ planned retirement communities targeted at "my" demographic shouldn't surprise me, but it did.

Kinda reminds me of this old comedy routine by "The Congress of Wonders".


  1. If they're REALLY catering to gear heads and hot-rods, every garage needs a paint shop, a grease pit, and they should all be drive-through. That's all I'm saying. And NO noise ordinance for loud and obnoxious mufflers (or lack of same), or loud music while you're working in your shop. No blue hair old ladies who are angry that you are flying an AMERICAN flag and running your car from your garage to the drag strip/test track (incorporated in the gear-head retirement community).

    1. I heard the commercial a few times on Thursday and Friday, and it took a couple of times hearing it to get the nuances. I mean, gee.....the nice young lady reading the ad copy sounded so caring and "genuine".

      I looked at the floor plans, and was struck by several things....

      1) They're all two bedroom units. And the "guest" bedroom is very small, about 10 x 10. Can't have pesky grandkids staying over, can we?

      2) They're all duplex units in this new development area. They make a Big Deal out of having a "Dedicated Fire Wall Between Structures.", but they're still duplexes.

      3) The yards are barely bigger than the houses, maybe a 10~15' strip around the house and a small front yard (gotta do something to balance out the driveway...), and the garages are 21' x 22', barely a "two car" garage to me and many others.

      I haven't seen the HOA, but I'm sure it has many onerous provisions, but I really doubt if you could get away with banning American Flags here in Northern Colorado.

      That's just sooooo Boulder....

  2. Go see Cal... and what was the dog's name??? Sigh... And agree with LL! LOL

    1. It was Cal's dog SPOT! He was quite a character. He was a flight instructor for bomber pilots when WWII started, and wound flying twenty-nine missions over Germany in a B-17 with the 390th Bomb Group.

  3. Cal would literally stand on his head to make a deal. He was a real showman.

    As to the retirement communities for gear heads. I'm sure that there's a codicil in the HOA against parking cars in the driveway or something, which would be laughable.

  4. Cal Worthington! Never worked for him but met him at a Suzuki product introduction. He entered wearing a Samurai helmet.

    He made a big mistake being rude to the man I worked for who had twelve stores in the PNW. He authorized all his managers to take a zero profit deal if it meant taking a deal away from Worthington. Cal's one store lasted 18 months before he sold it to someone else.


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