Monday, July 24, 2017

First Buyer Backed Out.....

Well....we had an offer at the listing price for the house. Our agent said they looked like good, solid people, and their loan pre-approval was for "up to" $550k. The sad thing was that both sets of parents had co-signed on the loan forms, showing that it's tough for a young couple to buy a decent home in SoCal.

Since the listing price is about $15k less than what my wife is willing to accept, and our agent knows this, and agrees with her that the house is really "worth" the amount she wants (which is what the appraisal came in at), he sent them a letter asking them to come back with "Their best, highest price" they were willing to go as our counter offer.

He just called a while ago telling us that while they loved the house, the price they offered was all they could afford, so their original offer was all they were willing to spend.

He said he thanked them, and wished them luck with the purchase of their first home.

This house is only the second one I've had anything to do with buying/selling, so I'm pretty much in uncharted territory here. The last house I bought was in 1987, and we all know how much things have changed since then, especially in the Krazy Kalifornia real estate market!

He's bringing some more agents and clients by Tuesday (tomorrow) to look at the house, so we'll see how that goes.

I have a Doctor's appointment at 0900, and then down to the Iowa for a "Cable Pulling Party". We're putting in five new Ethernet drops for the Comm Center (FACCON 1), and our CTO who runs the network and all the servers on board will be putting us on our own subnet. We'll actually be on our own VPN, which will give us full Internet connectivity, while keeping us isolated from the ship's various internal networks.

All the networking equipment and servers on board are new, first-class stuff he was able to get donated through his contacts, and the network has ample redundancy and back-up servers (also redundant) for our use, so we should have a very dependable, rock-solid network set up once he configures everything. I was the network admin for our little corner of the ship's network, but I'm turning that over to the guy I asked to be Station Manager, and I've been getting him trained up on that. Besides being really good at radio stuff, my "replacement" is also another computer geek, and we've both been using Linux since the early days.


  1. It sounds like things are going well, despite the apparent setback.

    1. I'm cool with it, but my wife is chewing her nails....

  2. These sorts of problems with buyers are normal. Sometimes it's easy, but usually it's a siege. It's tough absent a bidding war to ask for $25K more than the listing price even if you have an appraisal that supports the number IMHO.

    1. Agree, Which is why I question starting the listing *that* "low".

      I would have listed it $5k higher. It would still be one of the lowest priced homes in the neighborhood, as well as one of the nicest looking ones.

    2. I just corrected an error in the original post. She wants $15k more than the listing price, NOT $25k more.

      But still, I think I would have started the listing about $5k higher.....

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, WSF.

      I'm itchin' to get out of Kommiefornia!

  4. drjim,

    maybe you need a mosque down the street

    1. HAH!

      Just ask LL how well that goes......


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